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“Ecological procrastination”, a comic strip that raises awareness without feeling guilty about climate challenges

What if all was not lost? The Earth is burning but everything can still change, Maïté Robert is convinced of this. his album Procrecological destination is one of the first three comic strips in the “Mâtin! », published by Dargaud editions, which is in line with the weekly Pilot. A magazine created in 1959 by René Goscinny, among others, in which comics had their place to decipher society. Available in its digital version on Instagram, the collection addresses major contemporary themes, including ecology.

In this area, there is still hope. On one condition: put away the age-old formula ” I will do it tomorrow “. Through spontaneous writing, Maïté Robert recounts her ecological transition. The least we can say is that it was not a long calm river!

An accessible ecology

In this album with the air of a diary, the author stages herself with self-mockery. She does not hide her contradictions which sometimes hinder her ideal, that of irreproachable conduct. The flexible structure of the book reflects his questions: lists, diagrams and erasures come together in a joyful jumble of almost naive graphics, like the little bicycle that pedals in his brain. The book is playful, embellished with snapshots of the young woman’s daily life, whose words will resonate in the ears of adolescents and young adults.

Coming to terms with one’s ecological convictions and the temptations of society is not easy. The main thing is to move forward at your own pace, without feeling guilty but without backing down in the face of difficulties. Being a flexitarian, tending towards a vegetarian diet, is already good, believes Maïté Robert: every first step towards more responsible behavior is commendable.

The author takes her reader by the hand and offers concrete examples to preserve the planet. An uncompromising pedagogue in her commitment, more measured in her application, she suggests more than she obliges, and the recipe works: ecology is not that complicated, it’s a matter of will.


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