Eating watermelon has a solution?

My wife said that watermelon rind has the use of alcohol, eating cool, sweet watermelon is good for health. Is this correct, doctor? (Quang, Can Tho)


Watermelon has a lot of water, sweet and cool taste. In traditional medicine, watermelon has welding properties, diuretic effect, treatment of edema, jaundice, diabetes… In particular, the fruit’s rind is used to treat alcohol. After drinking alcohol, especially if you drink too much, remember to eat one or two pieces of watermelon and use the watermelon rind to get water and drink it to help you get rid of the alcohol very quickly.

Alternatively, you can use a handful of fresh or dried cassava flowers, rinse once with water and then steep with about 200 ml of water. Drinking cassava flowers right after drinking alcohol will help to relieve alcohol, reduce drunkenness and reduce alcohol yeast quickly. Or, use 3 to 5 fillings with about 2 bowls of water, boil a bowl of water to drink immediately after getting drunk.

Tangerine is also a medicine in Eastern medicine. According to folk experience, after drinking alcohol, eating a few tangerines or squeezing tangerines to drink water will help clear heat, detoxify, and detoxify alcohol. You can also drink alcohol by drinking coconut water, sugarcane juice, lemon juice mixed with honey…

However, in order to drink alcohol, it is necessary for the drunk person to drink a lot of filtered water first to dilute the amount of alcohol they have drunk, helping the process of eliminating alcohol from the body quickly. Then one of the above methods can be applied to reduce fatigue and headaches caused by alcohol.

Drinking alcohol only helps drunk people to wake up quickly and be less tired, but it still cannot reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on the body. Therefore, each person should know their own “tolerance” and drink alcohol to a certain extent.

It is recommended to drink no more than two units of alcohol a day for men, one unit of alcohol per day for women, and no more than five days a week. One unit of alcohol is equivalent to 10 g of pure alcohol contained in a drinking solution, which is about 3/4 of a 330 ml bottle or can (5%) or a 330 ml glass of draft beer or a 100 ml glass of wine (13.5 ml). %) or one cup of spirits 30 ml (40%).

Healer Bui Dac Sang
Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi Association of Oriental Medicine


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