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Experts warn men who are planning to have children should limit their intake of chicken, beef and lamb.

The main causes of male infertility and infertility include: spermatogenesis disorders, genital tract infections, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders (no ejaculation or retrograde ejaculation). ) … In particular, the common cause is that men have testosterone hormone disorders, affecting sperm production.

According to a study published in the academic journal Nutrition and Health AmericaTestosterone can be reduced if men eat too much meat or too much protein. This study was conducted with the participation of 309 men and was divided into 2 groups with a high protein diet (high in meat) and a diet rich in vegetables. The results showed that those who followed the high-protein diet had significantly decreased testosterone levels.

Men who are planning to have children should limit eating too much meat. Photo: Freepik.

Explaining this, Joe Whittaker, nutritionist and leader of the above study, said that a diet with more than 35% of calories from protein can cause protein poisoning. This happens when the body breaks down too much protein, which in turn leads to high levels of ammonia and turns it into toxins. As a result, the body will stop producing hormones as well as testosterone to focus on fighting the protein poisoning.

In the report, Mr. Joe Whittaker also highlighted the risks of high-protein diets. According to him, a high-protein menu will seriously affect male fertility. In addition, low testosterone also carries an increased risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

According to Joe Whittaker’s recommendation, men who want to get married should stick to a protein limit of less than 30%, or 15 to 25%. In particular, they should also reduce alcohol, stop smoking and increase regular exercise.

Regarding the daily diet, the nutritionist also recommends building a diet rich in whole nutrients, unprocessed, nutrient-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, all kinds of foods. seeds and legumes. Avoid processed or sugary foods.

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