Eating the wrong way makes men’s physiology weak

Alcohol, canned food, greasy food… a lot of use on New Year’s Day can harm men’s physiological health.


According to Dr. Vu Duc Cong (Men’s Health Center), consuming alcoholic beverages in moderation improves blood circulation and improves heart health. Drinking large amounts in a short time can have harmful effects on general health such as liver damage, brain dysfunction, as well as affecting the regulation of male hormone (testosterone).

Specifically, drinking alcohol in high concentrations, at least 2-3 cans per day, can be toxic to the pituitary-gonadal nerve axis, causing male hormone levels to decrease by 6.8%. and lasted more than 3 weeks. Some studies have shown that drinking low amounts of alcohol improves testosterone levels in men, but moderate or higher amounts (30-40 g per day) are harmful to male fertility.

Salt or sweet food

Dishes with spices and dipping sauces are typical of oriental culinary culture. However, eating salty foods for a long time can affect cardiovascular health in general and men’s health in particular. Eating fish sauce as well as the habit of seasoning with spices containing a lot of salt can cause high blood pressure, long-term effects on blood vessel function, heart failure. In addition, using foods with too much salt such as pickles, salted eggplant, palanquin… causes sympathetic nervous system disturbances, poor blood circulation and eventually leads to difficulty in erection.

greasy food

Many dishes on New Year’s Day contain large amounts of fat such as sausages, frozen meat, pork skin, fried spring rolls… Eating foods containing too much fat, including saturated fat and bad cholesterol for a long time, causes an increase in blood fat. , atherosclerosis, reduced elasticity of blood vessels, making it difficult for the genitals to get an erection. In addition, eating too many fatty foods has been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular events such as myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident.

Canned food

Canned foods often contain many preservatives, high oxidizing substances that completely affect sperm quality. In addition, the amount of salt added to canned foods is also high in order to preserve the dish for a long time, harming the physiological health of men.

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