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In chicken feet, up to 80% collagen helps to strengthen bones, but should not be overused, it will lead to the opposite effect.

My mother is 50 years old this year, listening to neighbors say that stewing chicken feet and peanuts every day will help strengthen bones and joints, is that true? (Ha An, HCMC)


In fact, there are many folk remedies or tips to help support muscles and joints firmly. Although it has not been scientifically proven, a number of Oriental medicine remedies have been effective, but each remedy is right for each individual.

In Oriental Medicine, chicken feet are a valuable remedy to enhance physiology, vitality and musculoskeletal diseases. In chicken feet, up to 80% collagen helps strengthen bones. Cartilage is the same, each type of animal cartilage is generally a natural source of nutrients to help support cartilage when injured. Peanuts are a high-fat food, one of the grains that contain many nutrients for bones and joints.

Chicken feet have a lot of collagen to help strengthen bones. Photo: Freepik.

My grandparents also used to say that “you can eat whatever you want” has a reasonable part in this case. However, eating anything should be eaten at an appropriate level, should not be abused, eating too much can easily cause adverse effects. Note that not everyone can eat it, depending on the type of food and the body of each person, the food tolerance is also different.

Therefore, every user should balance an appropriate amount, and at the same time observe whether the body changes. People with high blood pressure, obesity, and cholesterol when using this dish should limit their intake of fatty foods.

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