Eat clean, live healthy in spring

In the spring, you should get up early to go for a walk to breathe, limit eating sour foods, increase the sweet and spicy taste, keep the spirit relaxed and quiet.

Doctor Bui Huy Can, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, Campus 3, said that spring is the beginning of the four seasons in nature. Heaven and earth are all in the stage of arising, all things awaken to change old and new, plants and trees sprout, flowers and leaves are lush… During this stage, the yang qi in the body also awakens, flourishes, and communicates. in harmony with all things.

“Human life activities follow the objective law of nature ‘spring night nurtures yang, autumn and winter nourishes yin’. Mastering that rule, proactively taking appropriate nourishing measures will avoid get sick, protect health, and prolong life,” said Doctor Can.

Nourishment in daily life – rest

In spring, warm air is born, and cold air gradually dissipates. In the morning, you should get up early, go for a walk around the yard, exercise, loosen your clothes, let your hair down and breathe in the fresh air. The reason is that after winter, entering spring, the body has an increase in basal metabolism, requiring more blood and oxygen for the body.

Nutrition in movement – exercise

There are a variety of methods to practice nutrition according to traditional medicine, such as tai chi, translation balance, qigong, martial arts or simply walking…

There are exercises with movement as the main, full-body movement to help muscles and joints be flexible, blood circulation, regulation of visceral function, from which the body is healthy.

There are types that take static as the main, actively practice “mind – air – shape”, emphasizing mental training, thereby promoting anti-aging effects. Besides, gentle nourishing exercises after waking up also make the spirit refreshed.

In the spring, the new yang qi is born, the cold qi and the wind are still abundant, these two gases combine to easily cause a cold and a cold. Therefore, people practicing nutrition should keep their body warm.

Nutrition in cuisine

According to traditional medicine, food is divided into five tastes according to the five viscera: sour to the can, spicy to the waste, sweet to the spleen, bitter to the heart, and salty to the kidney. In the spring, you should avoid foods with a sour taste (sour enters the internal organs, causing the spleen’s ability to transport food to decrease). It can increase the sweet and sour taste slightly, the spicy helps to promote yang qi, moderate to protect yang, sweet to add to the spleen thus making the five viscera balance, yin and yang harmonize.

Avoid eating cold raw foods that can damage the yang and spleen. Of course, you also have to eat nutritiously, safely and on time. The ancients thought: “Even if it’s delicious, you shouldn’t be too addicted. Addiction will cause injury and disease. Even if you hate it, you can’t help it, if you don’t eat it, your visceral qi will be lacking.”

Nurturing in love (spiritual, emotional)

Keep your mind at ease and maintain an optimistic attitude towards life. A cheerful, calm and comfortable lifestyle, contented to keep his heart in nothingness, enduring with heaven and earth. It is the magic of preserving the body of an intelligent person.

Keeping the spirit quiet and relaxed here means not caring about fame and gain, ignoring material desires, and disregarding sound and color. If possible, just meet the needs of food, accommodation, clothing to work.

Nursing in the ward

It is necessary to prevent bacteria and viruses that cause respiratory diseases such as colds, bronchitis, pneumonia … According to traditional medicine, spring often appears “wind-wind”, “epidemic” diseases. “…

With traditional medicine or modern medicine, disease prevention is the most important thing to keep the body in a healthy state. Adjusting the lifestyle to suit each living condition in the past year has always been the advice to prevent diseases effectively. With a suitable nourishing lifestyle, the body is refreshed and strong enough to fight diseases that easily arise in each season of the year.

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