Eat a box of Tet jam, walk for 2 hours

To use up all your energy after eating a 1,000-calorie box of jam, you need to go for a brisk walk or cycle for 1-2 hours.

Most jams contain many nutritional ingredients such as powdered sugar, protein, organic acids, vitamins and minerals, many anti-aging substances… good for health. However, jam is often too sweet, eating too much will gain weight. People who are not suitable to eat jam such as diabetics, obese people or people who want to diet…

Doctor, doctor Nguyen Trong Hung (Head of the Department of Adult Nutrition Consulting, National Institute of Nutrition) said that each type of jam has different effects on health. For example, ginger jam warms the spleen and cures cough; jam helps to cool down, stimulate digestion, loosen phlegm, detoxify alcohol; lotus jam has sedative and anti-depressive effects; carrot jam uses bright eyes, beautiful skin…

In general, a box of Tet jam weighing 500g contains an average of 1,000 calories. Depending on the type of jam will have different calories. Coconut jam has the highest calories, with 500 calories/100 g; lotus seed jam 390 calories; ginger jam, carrot jam 350 calories; pumpkin jam 370 calories; 320 calories kumquat jam; raisins 300 calories (calculated in 100 g jam). Adults, if they do not intend to lose weight or gain weight, the body’s energy needs are about 2,000 calories, divided into three meals, or an average of 667 calories per meal. So you need to consider the amount of jam when eating.

Because of the high calories, jam is not suitable for people who are overweight, obese, diabetic, pregnant women, and young children. Sugar increases energy, making overweight people easily tired. For people with diabetes, the amount of sugar in jam makes the disease difficult to control, even more serious. Pregnant women who eat a lot of jam are also prone to weight gain, metabolic disorders, and possibly gestational diabetes.

Due to the long processing time and temperature, some beta carotene or vitamins A and C in tomato jam, carrots, apples, plums, kiwi… will be decomposed, reducing nutritional efficiency. Young children eat a lot of jam is also harmful to the digestive system, easy to give birth full of stomach and reduce hunger, thus limiting cravings in main meals.

Tet jam contains many calories, so eat in moderation. Photo: Wxwenku

How to preserve jam on Tet holiday

Jam should be stored in a dry place, at low temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, it will be watery, soft, and lose its crispiness. Coconut jam, squash, ginger, should be wrapped carefully in plastic bags to avoid air entering, in a cool place. Each time you eat, you should take out the jam on a plate and tray, then seal the bag, do not leave it open, it will cause the jam to rot or water.

For other jams, it is best to put them in a glass jar and then pour a layer of white sugar on top to keep the aroma and avoid watery. Do not keep jam in the refrigerator because it is easy to spoil. For sticky jam, you should slug it like cooking sugar to melt into a paste, put the jam in, then use a spoon to sprinkle sugar water on top, let it cool, then put it in an airtight container.

When choosing to buy jam, you should choose the type with packaging and intact packaging, carefully check the expiry date before buying. Jam is usually used for about 2-3 weeks, so it is important to buy the type produced closest to Tet, choose reputable brands.

Dr. Hung advises that it is best to reduce the amount of jam used and replace it by eating fresh fruits such as watermelon, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, persimmons, strawberries, apples… more beneficial for health. Jam can be replaced with cereals or pumpkin seeds, peanuts, cashews… However, melon and squash seeds, if dyed with dyes, are also harmful to health. Eating nuts in moderation will avoid excess energy.

Thuy Quynh