Easily perform online public services with VNPT SmartCA remote digital signing solution

VNPT Group said that it has successfully integrated the remote digital signing solution VNPT SmartCA with other software of enterprises as well as on public service portals of many Vietnamese agencies and ministries.

SmartCA remote digital signature – an important key in the digital age

VNPT SmartCA is not only integrated into services provided by VNPT such as electronic invoices VNPT Invoice, VNPT HIS, VNPT iOffice, vnEdu… but also integrated with many other broad application platforms such as declaration system iHTKK electronic tax and iTax mobile system…

Remote Digital Signing (SmartCA) is a new digital signature solution being used by many developed countries in the process of digitizing the economy. This is considered an important key to be able to simultaneously handle the implementation of fast electronic transactions, and at the same time contribute to creating a safe and convenient electronic transaction environment.

For individual customers, SmartCA remote digital signing will bring great advantages in public transactions, financial transactions, securities, e-commerce… development opportunities in the digital age.

With safety, security and convenience features, remote digital signing VNPT SmartCA will create a revolution in e-commerce transactions and public administration. People and businesses will have the opportunity to experience digital signature solutions on mobile platforms to conduct electronic transactions, improve work efficiency, increase convenience, publicity and transparency in management. , operating when participating in electronic transactions on the Public Service Portal.

VNPT SmartCA pioneers to contribute to digital transformation

As the first enterprise licensed to provide digital signature services in Vietnam, VNPT has continuously developed its infrastructure, support network, customer care, convenience and cost savings. customers in the process of using the service.

Especially, with the flexibility of remote digital signing VNPT Smart CA, customers do not need to use any additional specialized hardware devices (USB Token, SIM) but can sign right on smart mobile devices. (such as smartphones, tablets) with faster signing speed, more secure than previous traditional digital signing solutions, along with a leading level of safety and security when meeting European security standards. Europe eIDAS.

Especially, right after being licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications to provide remote digital signing services, VNPT has pioneered in integrating solutions into ministerial, branch and local public service portals, such as: : Administrative Procedures Control Department – Government Office; Office of the Ministry of Public Security (helps to integrate into administrative procedures level 4 of C07); Ministry of Finance (General Department of Taxation and General Department of Customs); Information Technology Center of Vietnam Social Insurance, helping to support replication and integration with 12 IVANs on the web portal system of Vietnam Social Security; Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Information and Communications, Ministry of Transport…

Therefore, organizations and businesses can only use one VNPT SmartCA digital signature to sign many transactions on the public service portal, sign electronic contracts, tax returns, and declare customs. … This will create great advantages for businesses and organizations, shorten transaction time, save costs, ensure publicity and transparency in management and administration. At the same time, it will increase convenience and improve people’s trust when doing electronic transactions or using online public services.

In order to coordinate to accelerate the process of national digital transformation, VNPT said that in the coming time, it will continue to accompany the ministries, branches, localities and related organizations to strengthen the integration implementation. complete and comprehensive VNPT SmartCA service on all public service portals, bringing the highest convenience to people and businesses when performing transactions in the digital environment.

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