Early signs of dementia

Early signs of someone with dementia can include forgetfulness, anxiety, sadness, personality changes, loss of concentration, etc.

Dementia is a permanent decline in memory and thinking ability. There are many different neurological disorders that cause dementia, the most common of which is Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia often progresses slowly, causing problems with executive function including memory and self-care skills. At first, the symptoms of dementia are difficult to recognize. Over time, however, the effects of dementia increase, making it impossible for people to care for themselves independently.

Early signs of dementia include cognitive changes, mood swings, behavioral changes, and personality changes. It is quite similar to the state of many people such as forgetting familiar items in the house, irritability, anxiety or sadness, forgetting scheduled events… Sometimes, the patient thinks that The symptoms are caused by lack of sleep, busyness, lack of concentration… Gradually these signs appear more frequent, persistent and getting worse.

Cognitive signs: As dementia progresses, common cognitive symptoms people may experience include: sleeping too much, erratic sleep habits, difficulty with simple calculations, frequent confusion , conflict. You may also be more likely to get lost, have conflicts, false memories, loss of appetite or increased cravings, not recognizing close friends, family members or longtime co-workers…

Forgetfulness is a sign of early dementia. Photo: Freepik

Psychological signs: There are many behavioral and emotional problems that can occur with early-stage dementia. These issues have nothing to do with a person’s basic personality. The psychological, psychiatric, and behavioral symptoms of dementia include depression, anxiety, agitation, paranoia, lack of inhibitions, even lying… Childish, for yourself. being centered, having little regard for others, inappropriate behaviors such as undressing in public, urinating in public, crying or laughing uncontrollably… are also warning signs of psychological distress. early dementia.

There are many causes of dementia. In particular, brain damage such as repeated strokes can also cause intermittent dementia. In addition, some conditions that cause dementia include:

Alzheimer: a common type of dementia that leads to dementia and depression, Alzheimer’s disease often makes affected people suspicious of others.

Vascular dementia: Strokes, whether small or large, can cause damage throughout the brain, leading to impaired thinking and memory.

Forehead amnesiaThis disease causes loss of brain tissue in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, leading to behavioral changes, memory loss.

Pick .’s disease: Pick’s disease dementia causes personality changes and the person’s inability to take care of themselves.

Lewy body dementia: this type of dementia causes memory problems, impaired mobility, including tremors and stiffness.

Multi-system atrophy: This rare disease causes dementia, movement problems caused by degeneration of the brain stem, cerebellum, and other regions of the brain.

Parkinson’s dementia: Parkinson’s disease can cause dementia, often in its late stages.

Sometimes dementia can have many different causes or a specific disorder is not identified. Down syndrome and cerebral palsy are conditions present at birth that are associated with a higher-than-normal risk of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

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