Duy Tham: “The career of a YouTuber is not rosy”

Reporter: When switching from diplomacy to being a reviewer, do you have any regrets because Diplomatic Academy is the dream school of many people?

Ngo Duc Duy: Although I graduated with a diploma in diplomacy, my personality is not very suitable for a person in this profession. She is quiet, shy to communicate and has tremors when talking to others, which a student of diplomacy or a reviewer should not be.

The diplomatic environment teaches me how to try harder. Sometimes I look at the people around me with admiring eyes. That feeling is what motivates me to develop myself.

That’s what the diplomatic environment has provided for me. When I think back to the past, I don’t feel regret because it is still helping me every day.

Reporter: The barrier of many YouTubers is the family’s barrier because they don’t know what their children are doing. Do you have to endure such pressure?

Ngo Duc Duy: My family went through the same phase. It is difficult for parents to define what they are doing, so that they can be assured that this is a stable job for their children to develop in the long term. It took years for my parents not to really understand what I was doing. However, at that time, I had just graduated from school, so my parents still allowed me to try.

Gradually, after seeing the things she did and seeing people talking about her child in a positive way, her parents began to feel more secure. My parents are also YouTube viewers, and also have a lot of access to social networks, so they gradually have a bit of a vague concept of this profession. Until now, my parents have begun to understand what I am doing.

Reporter: Speaking of a YouTuber, many parents are not very comfortable when their children follow this path. If given the opportunity to reassure those parents, what would Duy say?

Ngo Duc Duy: In my opinion, everything has two sides, so are social networks and the Internet. If we often approach bad things, we will find them bad, and vice versa. Internet or YouTube, TikTok has dark, very dark areas, but it also has bright areas when it can give us a lot of knowledge.

It’s not natural for these platforms to thrive. When people and families use it, everyone watches YouTube, TikTok, it must have some value. If it is really bad, it will be eliminated by society very quickly.

Reporter: Many young people consider YouTuber as an idol. In their eyes, the lives of YouTubers are always rosy. Can Duy share with everyone about the hidden corners of this profession, which not everyone knows if they just look at the phone screen?

Ngo Duc Duy: I don’t think of myself as an idol. When I go out on the street, many friends meet me and tell me I’m an idol, claiming to be my fan, but I don’t think I’m that big. I’m just an ordinary person, go online and share what I feel is fun and interesting for others to see.

For those of you who think that being a content creator is all pink, high income, luxurious life, I will tell them that every profession is like that, there is no concept of easy money.

If we want to earn a lot of money and have a better life, we have to pay a commensurate price with our own efforts and efforts. You don’t have to just pick up the camera to make your life better. It took a very long time.

My life is not as rosy as many people think. Doing this job is very stressful. These pressures come from ideas and content, which are invisible pressures of a content creator. It’s also the pressure from the viewers themselves that I can’t see them.

If someone is going to do this job, I will warn them that content creation is a profession whose stress index is not inferior to any other profession. Even the stress level of this profession is among the top.

Reporter: Many people say that Duy Tham is very rich now. Is this word rich really true or not?

Ngo Duc Duy: There’s a pretty funny definition of my company. That company is full of rich people, everyone is rich. I can confirm this is correct. But the most important thing is that if you are rich, everyone is very good, and even has good looks. So when I came to work here, I really felt quite overwhelmed.

Those who have followed me for a long time will surely know where my starting point is. For new viewers, they will probably think I’m rich, but I’m not really that rich. For those who have watched me from the past, they will know that I came from zero, both financially and in work experience.

Reporter: Do you have to restrain your words when now all your parents, relatives and neighbors… are watching your videos?

Ngo Duc Duy: Yes. Every time I upload a video, even if it’s just shorter than 1 minute, I personally censor it for a long time, aligning each word to see if there’s something wrong with it, or if there’s any content that I don’t think should be posted.

Everything goes viral on social media. If I say something that adversely affects the viewer’s perception, it will also have the opposite effect on myself.

In this market, once being condemned and turned away by the audience, it is a good thing that any content creator wants to avoid. Whenever I put anything online, I myself must first feel that the content I share does not cause problems with those around me.

Reporter: Have you ever been afraid that the audience would feel bored with you? When you appear too much and gradually there will be new generations of network idols?

Ngo Duc Duy: Like I said above, I don’t think of myself as an idol. I’m always doing my job, sharing the content that I like and my viewers like. Just like that. Since I’m not an idol, I’m not afraid of a new generation of internet idols emerging.

Regarding the pressure of elimination when the audience can get bored, this is a huge pressure of this profession. My reputation and effectiveness when making videos will be proportional to the value I create, as well as the income in the profession.

For me, every day when I make a video, there is an invisible pressure to do well, to retain viewers as well as attract new audiences. Must constantly innovate, not be one color.

Every morning when I wake up, I have to think about what good content I will have today, so that viewers can really feel interesting. This is a challenge for anyone in this profession. That is also the pressure as well as what I have been thinking for the past 6 years since starting my career.

Reporter: Previously, Duy’s profession was often called a YouTuber, but now the definition of this profession has changed because more media platforms have appeared. Now what is Duy’s definition of his profession?

Ngo Duc Duy: For me, my profession is a content creator. As he said, the content creation platform now has not only YouTube but also TikTok, Instagram and many other platforms. Therefore, content creator is probably the most appropriate word to describe the work that I am doing.

Reporter: What is the moment that makes Duy unforgettable in his career?

Ngo Duc Duy: That was the feeling after the first video I made was uploaded to YouTube. When I read the comments, I was quite devastated because 100% of the viewers were critical. They say why the voice is so boring, can’t speak, and hands are shaking like a plow. It was a moment that I think no matter how many years I do it, I will never forget it.

Reporter: Compared to about 5 years ago, the profession of YouTuber in particular or content creator in general has become much more professional. So how does Duy envision this profession in the next 5 years?

Ngo Duc Duy: At the time I started working, no one could have imagined that one day people would switch from long videos on YouTube to short videos on TikTok.

This transfer even happens to dizzying speed. Some of my colleagues at the moment are starting to regret that they didn’t convert their content to short video sooner. When they were about to, it was too late.

In the next 5 years, I think my profession will grow even stronger and even eliminate the things that I think are good at the moment. Maybe there will be a platform that emerges and threatens both TikTok and YouTube, the way TikTok is threatening YouTube and Facebook now.

Even like TikTok, the platform is starting to integrate shopping features on an app that we thought was only used to watch videos. Who knows, in a few years, these platforms will expose us to new forms of interaction that we thought impossible.

Anyone in this profession should be ready for a change. If we recognize a platform or a trend that is gradually affecting the tastes of our viewers, we must switch immediately. Social media and content will never wait for anyone.

Reporter: A content creator’s dream will probably change over time. Initially they will want more people to watch their videos, then they will want a lot of positive interactions, then a lot of income from the profession. So now, with Duy, after having those achievements, what is your dream?

Ngo Duc Duy: Five or six years ago, when I first started my career, my first dream was to have my own YouTube channel. Then I had a dream to have a YouTube silver button. Next, I imagine it would be fun to get the YouTube gold button. Recently, when I switched from YouTube to a new platform, my wish was to have 1 million followers on TikTok.

Now all of my above goals have been achieved, however, I always feel like I’m still missing something. I always have a mindset, that when I have achieved something, I will treat it as a normal thing. At that time, I will go looking for a new, more difficult challenge. My life is like a game world. I always think of ways to pass levels and clear my game.

If it’s about a short-term goal, I want to develop my personal foundation higher, farther and wider. In the past, many people knew me as a technology reviewer. When I have a foothold in the profession, I want to conquer other challenges, expand my content into new areas, such as experiences, travel, vehicles, …

My goal in the near future is to have more audiences in new content areas. Maybe then in the eyes of the viewer I am not an expert, but they will see me from the perspective of an experiencer. Those are the things I am experimenting with and have also had certain success.

In the future, I want the people around me and my colleagues to have the same success as me. I want my team to be a strong team. That’s what I’m doing now too. I am using my small influence to spread the word to help the people around me become more known.

In my opinion, going alone can go fast, but if we go together, we can go far, further.

Reporter: Thank you Duy for this discussion.

Trong Dat

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