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During the march in Britain, a soldier of the Royal Guard trampled the child with his feet, the video went viral

UK Viral Video: A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The viral video is of Queen’s Guard of Britain. The video shows two soldiers of the Royal Guard marching on Britain’s Tower of London. Two soldiers of the royal guard are marching in gray color uniform and cap. Suddenly a child comes in the way of the guard. One of the two royal guards crushes the child and moves forward.

During the march, the guard trampled the child with his feet.

In a shockingly viral video, two royal guards are seen marching on Britain’s Tower of London. During the march, a jawan collided with a child. One of the marching guards was seen keeping his feet on the boy. It can be clearly seen in the video how the jawan continued to do his duty while trampling the child. In the video, the sound of shouting is also heard. After colliding with the guard, the child immediately stands up. It is being told that he did not suffer any injuries.

Video fast viral on social media

According to the information, this video was previously shared anonymously on Tiktok. Later this video became viral on many social media platforms. It has been viewed more than 2 million times on Twitter. It is being told that after the incident, the guard examined the child and assured that everything is fine. The same Defense Ministry has said in a statement that there is information about the incident in the Tower of London during routine patrol.

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