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During the court hearing, when the cat was seen in place of the lawyer, the judge was also surprised – watch the video

Funny incident occurred during a virtual hearing of a court in the US. When Judge Roy Ferguson began a virtual proceeding of the 394th Judicial District Court in Texas on the Zoom app on Tuesday, he had little hope that a cat, along with two lawyers, would participate.

At the commencement of the court proceedings, the cat appeared in the video in place of County Attorney Rod Ponton. The judge said “Ponton, I think you have turned the filter on in the video settings” Attorney Ponton said “I live here “I’m not a cat,” the judge responded, “I can see it.” Ponton said that his assistant was trying to fix the settings. This video of the hearing is going viral.

The judge told Fannie Monmet about the incident
Ponton (69) later reacted in this media, saying that he did not know how the filter turned on. He said, “To attend this hearing through zoom, I logged into my secretary’s computer and when the judge started hearing the case, everyone’s face was visible except for me. I saw a cat in my place” The judge helped remove the filter and began the hearing. Judge Ferguson called it a fun moment.

Tips given for hearing through tweet
After this video went viral on social media, Judge Ferguson tweeted “IMPORTANT ZOOM TIP: If a child uses your computer, then by joining the virtual hearing, check in the zoom video option that the filter is off.”

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