Dune, “the most impressive blockbuster of the year”

NEWSPAPER – Adapting Frank Herbert’s futuristic saga was a risky bet. But with his “Adult science fiction cosmic epic”, Quebec filmmaker Denis Villeneuve has on the whole conquered the press.

It was due out in November 2020. Finally, the space epic of Quebec director Denis Villeneuve waited, like so many other films, a year in a drawer before entering cinemas – especially European – and the conquest of his. public. Dune is taken from Frank Herbert’s SF saga, Dune Cycle, published between 1965 and 1985. If the adventures of young Paul Astréides have made an entire generation travel in time and space, there are many failed adaptations of this literary monument.

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The challenge has, however, not stopped the filmmaker who signs, according to Olivier Delcroix in Le Figaro , “A majestic fresco of ecological anticipation”. “When, after the critical success of Blade Runner 2049, he accepts the challenge of a new adaptation of this reputedly unsuitable novel-universe, he knows he is playing big. When you leave the room, you can better understand why the Dune de Villeneuve is such a great success. It is a judicious palimpsest which synthesizes with finesse the previous cinematographic versions. Villeneuve takes what is best in the version Lynch , which had attempted the cinematographic adventure in 1984, causing a critical outcry. Even today, his revisited version of Dune is considered one of the worst films of his career.

“Staggeringly beautiful”

The voice of the North also delights in this “Mesmerizing and stunningly beautiful SF opera” with regard to Parisian , enthusiasm is required. The latter applauds “Images alternately closer to the characters, or on the contrary of disproportionate magnitude (choose the largest screen possible to see the film!), Underlined by music by Hans Zimmer, which is literally shamanic”. For everyday life, this adaptation is “Finally what the readers of the book no longer dared to hope: a cosmic epic of adult science fiction, even if it is visible to all audiences”. But if the “accessibility” of the feature film to a neophyte audience is welcomed, this clever balance between fidelity and clarity was not to the taste of our colleagues from Release , who see in Lynch’s adaptation a poetry that does not exist in Villeneuve: “Very flat, reading the Québécois focuses on events, facts, one would be tempted to write. All the new age substrate that Lynch dug is evacuated and with the fantasy dimension of the story. “

“Never seen since Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings”

The Dauphiné Libéré

The newspaper The world Deplores the fact that the film is released simultaneously on HBO Max and in some theaters in the United States: “In addition to the financial stake for film receipts, the fact is that Villeneuve’s film – it is physical and sensory evidence – can be seen in theaters or not.” It also points “Some weaknesses” who “Undoubtedly weaken the picture – starting with the readability of this story”: “But it would be necessary to be bad sleeper not to wish that Denis Villeneuve proves us the opposite in the next opus”, he encourages.

For its part, the magazine Marianne makes fun of the promotional slogan displayed on the posters – “Monumental and historical” – and the myth maintained by the producers: “To spice up the unbearable suspense and, above all, to avoid piracy, the journalists had to give up their cell phones before attending the press screenings of the” monument “organized a few days before the film’s release.” The 2h35 that the screening lasted did not, it seems, transcend the author of the article, “Nothing stunned by the” great “spectacle”.

The magazine GQ considers however that Dune gives to see “The most impressive blockbuster of the year”, and salute this feature film which “Unambiguously exposes reflections related to imperialism, the exploitation of foreign resources and the ecological disasters caused by such actions”. “Never seen since Star wars Where The Lord of the Rings, ignites The Dauphiné Libéré.


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