Dune 2, directed by Denis Villeneuve, scheduled for theaters in October 2023

The first part has been a worldwide success since its release. Production company Legendary Pictures has confirmed the release of a second film. Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson, the two main actors, should be there.

And two for Dune. Denis Villeneuve’s film, a worldwide box office success, will indeed have a second part. Legendary Pictures announced it on Tuesday on its Twitter account. “This is only the beginning … Thanks to those who have experienced Dune so far, and those who will be doing it in the days and weeks to come. We are delighted to continue the journey! ” announced the production company.

Legendary Pictures wasted no time in announcing the film’s US release date as well. It will be October 10, 2023. We can legitimately think that the film will arrive in French theaters on October 8, the releases being always scheduled two days apart between France and the United States.

Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson, the two main actors should be there. They both shared the promotional image for the film on their social media.

A worldwide success

The film has already grossed more than $ 220 million worldwide. In France, Dune has been on screens since September 15, and in six weeks the film has drawn 2.6 million people in theaters. Released this week in the United States, the feature film was also acclaimed by audiences and critics. In just three days of operation, the film has already amassed more than $ 40 million in box office revenue.

The adaptation of Frank Herbert’s book was already sold as Dune: Part 1. Denis Villeneuve had expressed the wish to “do both parts simultaneously», Especially in the columns of Variety . “Yes Dune – Part two must see the light of day, I have to say it would be an amazing playground for me. (…) I don’t want to speak for the whole team, but we have the feeling that we have created a family on this film, and being able to get together would be heaven. “ he explained.

A wish granted, and a sequel planned for a long time in the head of the filmmaker. “For a number of reasons, that didn’t happen, and I accepted the challenge of doing the first part and waiting to see if the film aroused enough enthusiasm. ” confided the Quebecer to the American magazine.

A second wish of the director was heard, that of seeing his film released only in the cinema. The first part was released simultaneously on HBO Max and in American theaters, but this second act will be broadcast directly to the cinema.


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