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Due to coal, fog in China’s capital Beijing, highways and school playgrounds were closed

Beijing Pollution: A thick blanket of pollution surrounded the entire city on Friday morning in Beijing, the capital of China. Due to this, the highway and school playground in Beijing were closed on Friday. At the same time, people did not come out of the house for several hours. According to the China Meteorological Department, a thick layer of haze covered northern China today, with visibility dropping to below 200 meters in many parts of the city. Highways in major cities including Shanghai, Tianjin and Harbin were closed due to low visibility.

In recent times, China has ramped up coal production to meet the energy shortage. The supply chain was getting disrupted due to the energy crisis in China. Due to rapid industrialization, air pollution has reached this level in Beijing, the capital of China. Let us tell you that China is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases responsible for climate change. China generates about 60 percent of its energy by burning coal.

Meanwhile, leaders from around the world gathered in Scotland this week for the COP26 talks, marked as one of the last opportunities to stop catastrophic climate change. However, instead of personally attending this international conference, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a written speech.

With the onset of winter season in Beijing, an alert has been issued regarding pollution. According to the report, there was a need to stop activities to prevent pollution, but the Chinese government has refused to do so. At the same time, the situation in China is expected to worsen even more. The reason behind this is being told to the cold wave coming from Siberia.

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