Drunk: soon a remake with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Sacred best foreign film at the Oscars on Sunday, Drunk Danish director Vinterberg will know his American adaptation. The actor of Titanic could reprise the role of Mads Mikkelsen.

According to the specialized site Deadline Leonardo DiCaprio is set to reprise the role of Mads Mikkelsen, a jaded university professor who finds life’s pleasure in alcohol.

Ahead of the prestigious Oscars ceremony on Sunday, a bidding battle raged around the already awarded film in San Sebastian, BAFTAs and Caesars. Always after Deadline, the idea of ​​seeing the star of Titanic embodying his character would have finally seduced Vinterberg. Leonardo Di Caprio will also take care of the production of the future feature film with Jennifer Davison. The latter had notably officiated on the Revenant, the film that finally allowed the Hollywood actor to win the Oscar.

In Drunk, a small band of Danes with a monotonous life decides to try the theory of a Scandinavian psychiatrist, estimating that the human being is born with a deficit of 0.5 g of alcohol in the blood. Applying daily to swallow the liquid necessary to fill this gap, the four guinea pigs discover a new way to appreciate the moment. But the pangs and excesses of alcoholism are not far away …

“Drunk is thought of as a tribute to life. Like a reconquest of irrational wisdom freed from any anxious logic, which seeks the very desire to live … With sometimes tragic consequences ”, explained Thomas Vinterberg on the occasion of the film’s release last year.


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