Drummer Sheila E is preparing a film about Prince

Entitled Girl Meets Boy, the film would focus on the relationship between the two artists in the 1980s.

Is this the beginning of a biopic dedicated to the prince of pop? It was through a laconic message posted on her Facebook page that the American artist Sheila E unveiled, on January 22, the existence and the upcoming release of a film dedicated to Prince, the musician to the most 150 million albums sold died in 2016. A project still shrouded in mystery and which is already raising the opposition of some fans.

If the precise contours and scope of this project are still unclear, the film in question, entitled Girl Meets Boy, should focus, according to the main interested party, on “the beautiful storyOf the relationship between the American singer and Sheila E, who was his drummer for several years.

The still nebulous character of the film did not prevent some of the fans of Prince to take their distance almost immediately, because of doubts concerning the veracity of several words and memories entrusted by the singer in recent years. “We simply cannot, in good conscience, promote what we consider to be probably semi-fictional or entirely fabricated accounts of Prince’s story, designed only to overestimate the importance of a particular group member.The fan group said in a January 26 statement. Housequake.

A “beautiful story

After a meeting on tour in 1977, his participation in 1984 in the song of Prince Erotic City during album recording sessions Purple rain convinced the young artist to embark on a solo career, which she began the same year with the release of her first record, The Glamorous Life. The two musicians have a relationship in the mid-1980s, which Sheila E recently returned to in an interview with the Guardian , by mentioning for example that the star had one day proposed to marry him, in full concert. Separated at the end of Lovesexy World Tour from 1988-1989, the former couple nevertheless kept good relations. “I loved everything we did together, but we were at a time when it didn’t feel right»Confided the singer.

In 2018, when Bohemian rhapsody , Bryan Singer’s biopic dedicated to Freddie Mercury, was a hit in theaters, Variety revealed that Universal was working on a film about Prince. The project in question was to move away from the genre of biopic in favor of an orientation “more original“. A documentary dedicated to the singer by Ava DuVernay was also started by Netflix, until the departure of the director of the project in 2019.


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