Drive My Car: a film that has a lot

CRITICAL – Screenplay Award at Cannes, Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s feature film brings together a director and a young woman who drives her car. Fairy daily life.

Whoops. Ryusuke raned his plane. He returns home unexpectedly and finds his wife in action with a young actor. Wisdom is to keep quiet and close the door quietly. Their couple, however, seemed to be going, even if a tragedy led them not to want any more children. He is a director, goes up Waiting for Godot. She’s a screenwriter. Her way of inventing her plots is quite peculiar: they come to her during love and she no longer remembers them afterwards. Orgasm has its drawbacks. Fortunately, he has a memory. Things could have gone on like this, but the wife has a subarachnoid hemorrhage. They won’t have time to talk. Two years go by. The widower locks himself in a sort of silence. He is invited to a theater festival in Hiroshima. He goes there by car.

Ah, that red Saab! He cares about it like the apple of his eye. While driving, he listens to cassettes in which Chekhov’s dialogues are recorded. The voice

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