Drink louisiana leaves to cure constipation, poisoning girls

Nghe AnA 5-year-old girl, in Que Phong, was hospitalized with respiratory failure, generalized jaundice, and a critical condition after three days of drinking locust leaves to treat constipation.

The family said that the baby suffered from recurrent constipation many times. In the past three days, the situation of constipation has gotten worse, according to folk experience, people have picked the leaves of the locust tree and cooked it for drinking water every day. After three days, the baby had yellow eyes, yellow skin, fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite, vomiting, loose stools, was taken to Que Phong district hospital for emergency treatment, transferred to Nghe An Obstetrics and Children’s Hospital.

The child was admitted to the hospital on December 10 with symptoms of respiratory failure, little urination, dark red urine, dull abdominal pain, diarrhea, generalized jaundice, low-grade fever. Doctors gave the baby a ventilator, blood transfusion, electrolyte replacement, and antibiotics to prevent superinfection. However, the baby has AB + blood group, which is a rare blood group, and the reserve in the blood store is not much. The hospital mobilized the Department of Hematology to coordinate with the Center for Hematology and Blood Transfusion to ensure enough blood to rescue patients.

After being given first aid, the baby was stable, passed the critical condition, continued to be monitored and treated in the emergency department of anti-poison.

Doctor Tran Van Cuong, Deputy Director of the Hospital, Head of Emergency Department – Nghe An Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, said that locust leaves are very poisonous leaves that can cause death very quickly if used in large quantities. . In case children come to the hospital late, have too much hemolysis and cannot receive blood transfusion, especially children with rare blood groups AB, Rh-, can die, with blood diseases such as enzyme deficiency, the disease progresses rapidly and more critical.

In Vietnam, the locust tree has many different names such as Luc Mai, Vetiver, Vetiver… The leaves are oval in shape, 10-14 cm long, the base of the leaves is slightly concave, the edges are wide. Vietnamese literature has not recorded any research on this plant.

According to Dr. Cuong, Larch tree has a laxative effect when used in small doses, people in some places often use this leaf to treat constipation. However, if used in large quantities, the leaves of the locust tree can cause poisoning. Common symptoms after eating are rapid heart rate, weakness, pale skin, indigestion, abdominal bloating, pain around the navel, loose stools, dark red urine, little and painful urination.

Doctors recommend that using locust leaves as well as some other forest leaves with unknown effects is very dangerous, which can easily lead to unpredictable consequences for you and your family.

Thuy Anh


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