Drake on course to play Barack Obama in the cinema

The former president of the United States has given the green light and “that of his whole family” for the rapper to put on his costume and his “cool attitude” in a future biopic.

While the memoirs of the former president entitled A promised land are hugely successful in bookstores, some are already thinking about the rest. What if that heralded a future biopic? For the moment, nothing has been done yet, but Barack Obama seems to have already found his double in the cinema. Guest of the show “360 With Speedy Morman”, of the American magazine Complex, the former president broached his passion for hip-hop and the subject quickly turned to Drake.

In 2012, the famous rapper had indeed declared to his fans “do something great for their communityBy playing, one day, the role of the former American president on the screen. Eight years later, Barack Obama is finally responding to this eventuality. “I’ll say this: Drake looks like he can do whatever he wants », He explains. And to add: “ He’s a talented brother. If the time comes, and he’s ready … Drake has my whole family’s validation. I think Malia and Sasha would be ok with that.

Bling, women and money

At the end of the interview, Barack Obama particularly wanted to return to his controversial comments, made on November 16 at the American site. The Atlantivs. “Rap today is all about bling, women and the agent», He declared. A phrase that caused an uproar, especially from this great hip-hop lover. “Many clips highlight the same criteria for success as Donald Trump, he added. Everything is gold plated: it creeps and infiltrates the culture. ”

In the large interview room that looks like having dinner American, the former president nevertheless recalled his admiration for the musical genre, specifying that he was not talking about all of rap, but only part of it. “Some clips reinforce the idea that the value of a man is proportional to the fact of owning objects and multiplying female conquests», He insisted.

Despite everything, Barack Obama concludes, not without an ounce of pride: “You’re talking to a president who brought Common, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole into the White House.


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