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Dr. Raj Iyer: The first Indian to hold the rank of Chief Information Officer in the US Army

New Delhi Dr. Raj Iyer, an information expert based in Tamil Nadu, has assumed the position of Chief Information Officer in the US Army and holds the responsibility of maintaining the world’s most powerful country and its allied forces better than rivals in the field of information and technology.

Indian becomes Chief Information Officer in US Army

The importance of this post equivalent to the rank of three-star general created in July last year can be gauged from the fact that the CIO in the ‘Office of the Secretary of the Army’, which means as Chief Information Officer While working on, Dr. Iyer will be the Chief Advisor of the Army on matters related to information technology and information management.

Will also decide on the $ 18 billion budget

An official release issued by the US Army on the occasion of Iyer’s appointment said that while in this position, Iyer will be in charge of strategic matters related to information technology as well as cyber security and cloud management. Along with this, for the proper planning and execution of the $ 18 billion budget associated with this item, the US and its allied forces will contribute in making information and technology better than the rivals.

Childhood spent in bengaluru

Born in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, Dr. Raj Iyer’s childhood was spent in Bangalore and after studying at the National Institute of Technology in Trichy, he moved to the US for further education. However, it was very expensive to study abroad and his father Manakkal. Only the fees for the first semester of his studies could be filled from all the accumulated capital of Ganesan.

Completed PhD from University of Texas

Iyer, who understands the importance of tune and the importance of education, soon obtained scholarship for his studies and did not look back after that. He did his Masters in Electrical Engineering from the same university before doing his PhD from University of Texas and then MBA in Business Administration from University of Michigan.

Work done in american companies

After completing his studies, he worked in various American companies and served mainly in the fields of information technology and information management. During this time he held the top positions of military companies and during his career of 26 years, he suggested as an expert in matters related to strategic strategy, innovation and modernization, along with suggestions on how to strengthen the army on information technology and digital level. Received

Articles and papers published

Dr. Raj Iyer was awarded the ‘Meritorious Civilian Service Award’ and ‘International William Cornay Standard Professional Award’ for his efficient discharge of duties while holding various positions. Apart from this, dozens of his articles and research papers have been published worldwide. It is hoped that this series of his achievements will continue in the same way in the coming times.

Talking about Iyer’s family life, his wife Brinda is the Health Care Information Technology Program Manager in the US government. The eldest of his two sons, Ashwin Iyer, is studying at the University of California, while the younger son Abhishek Iyer is a ninth grade student at Sentinel High School in Maryland.

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