Doubs: a solidarity bell to support a foundry in difficulty

It animates the campaigns of Franche-Comté. Here, Montbéliarde cows wear it around their necks. The bell is an institution in Morteau, in the Doubs. Each bell has its own unique sound and none are alike. In Morteau, the last foundry still in operation, which manufactures these bells, is suffering the consequences of the current health crisis and is in great difficulty.

Agricultural competitions have been canceled and orders are withdrawn at the last moment, threatening the establishment’s activity. Siv-Chheng Tiv, director of the Obertino Foundry, explains to the microphone of France Télévisions that “if the company closes, the know-how disappears at the same time“. So to help the ancestral foundry, a so-called solidarity bell was created to bring resources to the company. Sold for 150 euros, it represents the only way to keep jobs in the foundry, until the resumption of agricultural competitions.

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