Don’t Worry Darling, Ticket to Paradise, Simone… Back-to-school films to see at the cinema

From the return of the absolute blockbuster Avatar from romantic reunions between Julia Roberts and George Clooney to portraits of figures from French political life, all film buffs will be delighted.

Avatar: The Way of the Water – December 14

After a decade of waiting, James Cameron is reopening the doors to his Pandora blue world. This second part tells the story of the members of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri and their children), the trials they face, the paths they must take to protect each other, the battles they must carry out to stay alive and the tragedies they endure. In the credits, Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver return and are joined by Kate Winslet. To immerse the public in this narrative and technical revolution, the studio will release Avatar and its 3D in cinema on September 21.

Spectacular turn of events – September 14

In 1950s London’s West End, preparations for the film adaptation of a hit play are cut short by the murder of its Hollywood director. In charge of the investigation, Inspector Stoppard – jaded and completely broke – and Agent Stalker – a zealous young recruit of the genre – find themselves immersed in the heart of a glamorous and sordid behind-the-scenes investigation of the theater. At their own risk, the duo, camped by the delicious Saoirse Ronan (The Daughters of Dr. March) and Sam Rockwell (The panels of revenge) will try to elucidate this very mysterious crime.

Don’t Worry Darling – September 21

Alice (Florence Pugh, Midsommar) and Jack (Harry Styles) are lucky enough to live in the idyllic community of Victory, a small experimental company town that houses the men working for the ultra-confidential Victory project and their families. The 1950s optimism that runs through the company is utterly shared by the company’s CEO, Frank (Chris Pine) – part visionary business executive and personal development coach and permeates every aspect of everyday life in this utopian bubble. in the middle of the Californian desert. But when cracks begin to show, revealing a grim reality beyond a seductive facade, Alice can’t help but wonder: What are they doing in Victory and for what purpose? What is the real purpose of Project Victory? This second film by actress Olivia Wilde, whose explicit love scenes have already caused ink to flow, will have its preview at the Venice Film Festival.

The Blank Page – August 31

Eloise finds herself sitting alone on a Parisian bench. Who is she ? What is she doing there? She doesn’t remember anything! She then embarks on an investigation, full of surprises, to find out who she is. What if this amnesia allowed her to find who she is, who she loves, and to reinvent her life? Sara Giraudeau and Pierre Deladonchamps illuminate this free adaptation of the eponymous comic strip by Boulet and Pénélope Bagieu published by Delcourt editions.

The Tiger and the President – September 7

1920, the Roaring Twenties. Georges Clemenceau (André Dussollier) has just lost the presidential election to the unknown Paul Deschanel (Jacques Gamblin), an idealist who wants to change the country. But one evening the latter falls from a train and vanishes. In the early morning, France is looking for its president, a golden opportunity for Tiger Clemenceau…

Other people’s children – September 21

Rachel is 40 years old, no children. She loves her life: her high school students, her friends, her exes, her guitar lessons. By falling in love with Ali, she becomes attached to Leila, her 4-year-old daughter. She tucks it in, nurses it, and loves it as her own. But loving other people’s children is a risk to be taken… In this film competing in Venice, Rebecca Zlotowski tells a more emotional and personal story than her previous feature films and brings together Virginie Efira and Roschdy Zem.

Simone, the trip of the century – October 12

After tackling the exceptional destiny of Edith Piaf in The kid who launched the Hollywood career of Marion Cotillard who left with an Oscar, Olivier Dahan retraces the life of struggles and political commitments of the minister and Holocaust survivor Simone Veil. The revelation ofA young girl who is well Rebecca Marder portrays Simone Veil as a teenager and young woman, then Elsa Zylberstein takes over.

Ticket To Paradise – October 5

Julia Roberts and George Clooney join forces in the romantic comedy of the year. The superstars camp estranged parents who find themselves in disaster in Bali to dissuade their daughter (Kaitlyn Dever) from hastily marrying the young man who made her head spin. But people in their fifties may not be immune to a backlash. The credits also include Lucas Bravo, the undecided cordon-bleu d’Emily in Paris.

The Menu – November 23

A couple (Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult) travel to a coastal island for dinner at one of the hottest restaurants around. The tasty menu concocted by the chef (Ralph Fiennes) will reserve surprises for them that are as astonishing as they are radical… Behind the camera Mark Mylod at work in games of thrones and Succession.

A dress for Mrs. Harris – November 2

Lesley Manville portrays a British housekeeper whose dream of owning a Christian Dior dress takes her on an extraordinary adventure in Paris. Isabelle Huppert and Lucas Bravo are part of the French distribution in small hands of the great couturier.


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