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Don’t let the poor and the underprivileged crush powerful countries in the stampede of Covid-19 vaccine – WHO

Kovid-19 Vaccine With the positive results of the tests, ‘the world can expect an end to the epidemic’. This is to say the head of World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyes. However, he also said that rich and powerful countries should not crush the poor and the deprived in a ‘stampede of vaccine’. Addressing the first high-level session of the United Nations General Assembly on the subject of the epidemic, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyes warned that the virus could be prevented, but ‘the road ahead is still full of uncertainty.

WHO hopes to end epidemic on test results

He said that the epidemic has also shown the ‘greatest and worst’ form of humanity. In addition to citing compassion, self-sacrifice, solidarity and advancement in science and innovation shown to each other in the time of the epidemic, he also mentioned self-defeating, accusatory and counter-partisan. Citing the rise and death of infection cases in the present day, Ghebrerasus said without naming countries, “where science was buried in the Conspiracy Theory (conspiracy theory) and replaced by ideas of solidarity, selfishness, There the virus took its place and started spreading.

Appeal to developing countries to take care of poor, deprived

He told in his online address that the vaccine does not remove the problems that are at the root. He expressed concern over hunger, poverty, non-equality and climate change. He emphasized on the settlement of these problems after the end of the epidemic. He said that the WHO’s ACT-accelerator program to develop and transparently develop the vaccine without new funds is in danger. Ghebreyes said $ 4.3 billion is needed for the immediate large-scale purchase and distribution of the vaccine. After this, there will be a need of 23.9 billion for 2021. This amount is half of the one percent of 11 trillion in the packages announced by the group of the world’s wealthiest 20 countries.


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