Don’t forget the child lock feature on technology devices

To avoid curious children playing with electronic and refrigeration devices, manufacturers have long introduced the child lock feature.

Child lock is a very basic feature on electronic devices in general, but not all parents are interested in it. In the current context when families purchase more and more modern technology devices, child lock is almost an indispensable feature.

Most child lock features on devices such as air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and air purifiers work by pressing and holding a key with a key symbol for a while. certain. When in this state, the machine will not be able to use any features, except the on / off button.

The child lock feature usually has a key icon or a child’s picture on electronic appliances.

The car also has a child lock, which is a safety lock and glass door lock. It is a feature that has been patented since 1949 and has been in US federal law since 1985, applicable to all cars. Today, child lock in cars is simply understood as a rear door lock to prevent passengers from opening the door from inside while the car is running.

For phones, computers, and other smart devices, the child lock feature depends on the installation of third-party software or the limited functionality of each app.

But the reality is that even with child locks, it is very difficult to prevent tragic accidents involving children. Every year in the US, there are more than 2,000 serious child accidents related to washing machines and dryers, according to Consumer Reports.

In Vietnam, recently, Green Pon General Hospital (Hanoi) just received a 6-year-old child patient (Hanoi) who had a daily life accident when he put his hand in an operating washing machine. As a result, the index finger of pediatric N is severed, twisted, and the ligamentous nervous system is pulled out a long distance. Because the crushing condition was so severe and the child was young, doctors could not connect.

Therefore, to protect children from these serious accident risks, manufacturers recommend that washing machines be kept out of the reach of children. In case of force majeure, some third parties now provide external locks to prevent children from deliberately opening the washing machine while operating.

Don't forget the child lock feature on technology devices
A simple auxiliary lock on the refrigerator to prevent children from mischief, in addition to the more complex and expensive codes

Similar to a refrigerator, an auxiliary device that can be easily installed is a lock on the cabinet door so that a child or animal cannot open it arbitrarily. Products are currently being sold on e-commerce floors for only a few tens of thousands of VND.

As for wooden cabinets, plastic cabinets without locks, a simple item that can be purchased is a hidden magnet lock, which also sells for only tens of thousands of dong. This lock is used to latch the cabinet from the inside with a fairly simple unlocking operation.

Of course, these types of auxiliary locks only help prevent the child from opening with too much force. Therefore, parents need to have timely educational measures and reminders so that young children do not arbitrarily play with electronic furniture in the house.

Phuong Nguyen

A child protection and rescue network will be set up in the online environment

A child protection and rescue network will be set up in the online environment

According to the program on preventing and combating child abuse in the Internet environment of the Ministry of Information and Communications in 2021, the Information Security Department assigned in the first quarter of 2021 proposed the ministry’s leadership to establish a Child Rescue and Protection Network on the environment. school network.


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