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Donald Trump’s rhetoric on Russia-Ukraine tension, said – if he had been there, the situation of war would not have been created

Donald Trump on Ukraine: Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have increased a lot, the situation is that war can be declared at any time. America is fully prepared to help Ukraine. Meanwhile, former US President Donald Trump is seen doing politics on the issue of Ukraine-Russia tensions. Regarding the tension between Ukraine and Russia, Donald Trump has said that if he was the President, then such a situation would never have happened. He said that there is no possibility of such a situation arising in his administration.

If I had been the President, the situation of war would not have happened – Trump

Former President Donald Trump has indirectly targeted the current US President Joe Biden over the tension in Ukraine and Russia. Trump believes that if he had an administration, then such a situation was never likely to happen. According to media reports, during Trump’s rule, many steps were taken to help Ukraine. He had also asked the US Congress for $317 million to provide military aid to Ukraine in the 2021 budget. Later, $ 1.5 million in aid was given for better training and facilities of Ukraine’s Special Operations Force.

Tension escalates between Ukraine and Russia

In 2019, the US Congress voted to impeach Trump. During this, Trump was accused of abuse of power. However, at that time the Senate cleared Donald Trump of the charges. Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also told in the US Senate in July of 2020 that the Donald Trump administration supported increasing military aid to Ukraine. At present, the tension between Ukraine and Russia is at its peak. The same US President Joe Biden is ready for all possible help to Ukraine. Hundreds of American soldiers are on alert to strengthen the same NATO.

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