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Donald Trump’s big announcement, will launch his social media platform named TRUTH Social

Washington: Former US President Donald Trump has made a big announcement about his social media platform. Donald Trump has announced today that I am going to launch my own social media platform, which is named ‘Truth Social’. It is being told that this social media platform of Trump will be similar to Twitter, on which users will be able to share their thoughts, photos and videos.

Taliban can tweet and I was banned: Trump

Trump took to Twitter in his statement, saying, “The goal of launching Trump Media & Technology Group and its ‘Truth Social’ app is to create a rival to the big tech companies that have banned them.” “We live in a world where the Taliban have a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite US president has been silenced,” he said. this is unacceptable.”

Trump had talked about launching his own social media site after being banned by Twitter and Facebook. The company says it is planning a video-on-demand service that will include entertainment programming, news and podcasts.

Trump’s presidential website hacked – report

At the same time, let us tell you that a report has claimed that Donald Trump’s presidential website was hacked and distorted. According to Newsweek, website visitors were brought to a page that was taken over by the Turkish hacktivist group Rutyldiz on Monday morning. The site read, “Don’t be like those who forgot Allah, so the ally forgot himself. Here they really went astray.” The message was also written in Turkish.

Links to the hackers’ Instagram and Facebook accounts were also put on the webpage. The report mentions that RootEildge has claimed responsibility for several other cyber attacks targeting politicians around the world.

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