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Donald Trump will report before Joe Biden is sworn in as President

Speculation about President Donald Trump’s last day as President of America has intensified. The reason is that Donald Trump’s official plane landed in Scotland on January 19, a day before Biden was sworn in. Trump has been using this aircraft before that. In such a situation, there is speculation that Donald Trump may leave the country even before Biden is sworn in as President on January 20.

Significantly, earlier, Donald Trump refused to accept him even after the defeat in the US presidential elections. The White House has also refused to say anything about him. In such a situation, the question is arising that Donald Trump will voluntarily leave the White House only on January 19. Significantly, there is also a golf resort of Trump in Scotland.

Scotland’s Prestwick Airport has been informed that the US Army’s Boeing 757 aircraft will land on 19 January. This passenger aircraft was used by Trump on several occasions. In this way, Donald Trump will reach Scotland just before Biden becomes President.

The 757 is smaller than the 747-200B commonly designed for Air Force-One. It was mostly used by Vice President and First Lady Melania Trump. However, it was also used by the President. If Trump really leaves the White House on January 19, it would be an unprecedented event for an American president to leave the country before he would formally step out of office.

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