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Donald Trump trumped postal ballot question in US presidential election counting, may get screwed

Washington: America is the most affected by the Corona epidemic. More than 90 lakh infected and about 2 lakh 40 thousand deaths. Meanwhile, presidential elections were held and counting is now going on. There is a close contest between the current President Donald Trump on behalf of Republicans and Joe Biden on behalf of Democrats. In such a situation, Donald Trump has started raising questions on postal ballots in record numbers.

Actually, ballot papers are voted in US elections. People also have the option to go to the polling booth instead of voting through the post. Which is called mail in votes (postal ballot). This time due to Corona, a record nearly 10 crore people have voted through postal ballots. Therefore, it may take a long time for the election results to come. At the same time, the results of counting of postal ballots can also be reversed. At the same time, different provinces have different rules for counting postal ballots. In such a situation, their results will also come at different times.

Voting by postal ballots which Biden can live in benefits!

Another thing to understand is that supporters of Donald Trump in America, Republicans themselves went to vote in large numbers. It is believed that Biden’s supporters, ie Democrats have voted in large numbers in the postal ballots. In such a situation, Biden can win the election through a record number of postal ballots. Donald Trump’s biggest concern is here too.

Trump also raised the issue of fraud in election campaign
During the election campaign, he had also expressed apprehension that there may be fraud in voting through postal ballots. However, in the history of American elections, the incidence of fraud in voting has reduced considerably. No evidence of tampering with postal ballots has been found. But President Trump has already said that if the results do not come in his favor, then he will approach the court.

Trump is constantly tweeting and questioning postal ballots.

Trump tweeted – They are getting Biden’s votes everywhere, very unfortunate for the country!
They are finding Biden votes all over the place – in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. So bad for our Country!

In such a situation, this time in the US elections, we can see everything that has never happened before. If the results of postal ballots are not in favor of Trump, the chances are that the matter may go to court, violence can also happen. This time Bihar and America have almost simultaneous elections. There are reports coming from America like they used to come from Bihar in the 90s. Like booth capturing and fake voting. On the other hand, Bihar is contesting on the issue of employment.


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