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Donald Trump said – there was a little infection in the lungs, no symptoms of corona left now

Washington: US President Donald Trump has said that he has no symptoms of Corona virus infection anymore. However, Trump said that doctors said that when he was admitted to the hospital, there was ‘little infection in the lungs’.

Trump said this during a program on the lines of the town hall on NBC on Thursday. He was sitting on the stage without a mask, while many people were sitting on the same stage with masks keeping distance from each other. His rival and Democratic candidate Joe Biden also attended a similar program on another TV network.

Mask wearers are always infected
President Donald Trump said that people who wear face masks are infected with the Corona virus “all the time”. However, there is no evidence behind his claim. Trump claimed this during a NBC News town hall event in Miami the previous day.

The President was asked questions about a large-scale event at the White House on September 26 that is believed to have been the source of infection and many of the guests attending had suffered from Kovid-19. Most of the people attending the program did not wear masks. Those being infected include President Trump himself and his wife Melania.

The President himself seldom wears masks. Trump said that he had no problem with the mask, however, after that claimed that “people wearing masks suffer from it (infection) all the time.” ”

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