Dogs can sniff out stress in humans

Experts from Queen’s University Belfast found that humans produce a distinctive scent when under pressure and that dogs can sniff out this scent.

In work published in the journal Plos One, the researchers say they were able to train four dogs to identify sweat and breathing patterns of stressed people. Samples were taken from the same volunteer at different times of the day.

After the dogs were familiar with the technique, the experts let them sniff sweat samples from 36 different people. Among them, 27 people had to solve a stressful task, causing their blood pressure, heart rate to increase. The dogs were taught to distinguish sweat patterns from this group.

The results showed that the dogs successfully selected 675 stressed human sweat samples out of 720 test samples.

“Research has demonstrated that in response to stress, people’s odors change,” said Clara Wilson, lead author of the work. The new finding could be useful when training support dogs for people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A trained dog sniffed the sweat of a stressed person in the test. Image: Guardian

Claire Guest, co-founder and chief scientific officer of the charity Medical Detection Dogs, says it’s possible to train medical assistance dogs to alert people with complex health conditions when they’re in danger. life-threatening danger.

“It’s possible that there are changes in hormone levels in humans, so we weren’t surprised that dogs would detect this,” she said.

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