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Dogs better at detecting Kovid-19 in humans than test kits, research reveals

Dogs are better able to detect corona virus in humans than test kits. Testing conducted in France showed that dogs were able to detect the presence of corona virus with an accuracy of 97 percent. According to research, dogs were 91 percent correct in identifying negative samples as well.

Better at detecting corona than a dog test kit

Researchers say that given the results, widespread deployment of dogs for screening large-scale viruses in congested jugs, including airports, can be seen. The test was conducted between March and April on behalf of France’s National Cattle School and Paris’s Clinical Research Unich Necker-Cochin Hospital, which the dogs found useful. A recent review of 64 research has revealed that on average 72 percent of virus-infected asymptomatic people are correctly identified through the Corona Virus Test. In the same review, it was also found that he caught 58 per cent of the cases of asymptomatic people infected with the corona virus.

The Paris Hospital board said, “These results are a scientific verification of the ability of dogs to sniff out Kovid-19.” He also says that this research is the first of its kind and is going to be published in a scientific review. Researchers reported that these are excellent results compared to PCR tests. He said that despite this comparison, PCR tests will not replace dogs, which are clearly more reliable than lateral flow covid test kits that give results within 30 minutes.

Dogs are 91 percent correct in identifying negative samples as well

But, he said, “These can help identify people who must undergo a complete viral test and make it easier to check in large-scale airports, stations and music programs. Dogs identify 97 percent of 109 people Lia, whose PCR test later turned out to be positive, detected 91 percent of those whose PCR test was negative. Researchers in many countries, including Australia, Germany and Britain, have experimented with dogs to detect Kovid-19. , While Finland and United Arab Emirates started trial at the airport with Sniffer Dogs last year.

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