Does less semen affect fertility?

Every time I ejaculate or have pain, the amount of semen is small even though the couple has regular activities. Ask your doctor if it will affect your children. The couple are both 30 years old and have no children. (South, Hanoi)


Less ejaculation is also known as low semen. This condition occurs when the amount of semen ejaculated during sex or masturbation is very small. Common signs are diluted semen or have tiny clots; semen that is abnormal in color and has a bad odor; pain during ejaculation, frequent urination or painful urination…

Causes of low sperm count due to hormonal imbalance, inflammation, varicocele, ejaculation disorder, men entering menopause, nutritional deficiencies, excessive sex or Working in a hazardous environment. Some cases have performed certain surgeries such as vasectomy, testicular surgery, scrotum, prostate … and using drugs that can affect the amount of semen ejacted during sex. sex.

Usually, this condition can go away on its own, without affecting men’s health after regulating the frequency of sex in moderation. However, it all has a certain effect on a man’s sex life and fertility.

Psychologically, men have less semen, less ejaculation, and it is difficult to get pleasure or not feel satisfied when having sex. This can cause them stress, pressure and loss of confidence in front of the other person.

The amount of semen ejaculated less can warn of some dangerous male diseases for men’s health such as orchitis, vasculitis, varicocele and other male infections. In addition, this condition also reflects reduced male health, weak sperm quality or signs of menopause.

Less ejaculation means less ejaculate. At this time, the amount of sperm is not guaranteed for male fertility, making conception very unlikely. This condition is one of the leading causes of male infertility and infertility.

For treatment, the patient needs to go to the hospital to check the semen and perform the necessary tests.

If a man has a small amount of semen ejaculated due to an infection, antibiotics may be prescribed to treat the infection, prevent semen infection, and affect sperm quality.

Men with low sperm count due to varicocele or vas deferens can be treated with surgery or with the use of hormone-balancing drugs or fertility therapies to improve fertility. children in men.

Doctors recommend men not to use alcohol and smoke as well as use other stimulants. Maintain a stable weight, reduce the risk of obesity, eat healthy, exercise, think positively, avoid fatigue and stress. Regular and moderate sex not only helps to promote health, but also improves sexual ability and sperm quality.

Dr. Nguyen Hong Hanh

IVF Reproductive Center – Hong Ngoc General Hospital


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