Does Covid-19 affect penis size?

After contracting Covid-19, I felt that my “brother” was a few centimeters shorter. Please doctor, does Covid-19 affect the size of the penis? (Hoang, 37 years old)


Many patients who come to the clinic complain of the feeling that the penis is shortened after recovering from Covid-19. However, according to the latest studies in the world, there is currently no evidence that Covid-19 affects the size of the penis.

Regarding the mechanism, nCoV entering the body will cause a diffuse inflammatory reaction that damages the vascular endothelium, increases permeability, activates scattered coagulation, and disrupts microcirculation. These cause severe damage to the microvessels, especially the microvessels in the penis. Damage to the microvasculature leads to erectile dysfunction, which causes the penis to fail to reach its normal size and hardness. In addition to the anxiety and stress that persisted during Covid-19 treatment and isolation, the patient felt that the penis was shortened.

Microvascular damage has also been reported in asymptomatic patients with Covid-19. Therefore, the mild form F0 may fall into erectile dysfunction, accompanied by the feeling of “shortening of the penis”.

In addition, after recovering from Covid-19, sequelae such as fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, memory impairment… affect physiological function and quality of life. You should go to specialized orthopedic facilities for examination and treatment, avoiding the fear of making the disease worse.

Doctor Nguyen Trong Hoang Hiep
Specialist in Andrology, Hanoi Hospital of Andrology and Infertility


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