Does a vasectomy make a man feminine?

I am 35 years old, have a wife and two children, have a need for male sterilization, but wondering if this method will affect sexual ability and gender? (South, Hanoi).


A vasectomy is a procedure used to sterilize men, whose purpose is to prevent sperm from being released from the male genitals. That is, when a man ejaculates, there is only fluid in the ejaculate, not sperm in it. Sperm will live in the epididymis, the seminiferous tubule. After a while, the sperm will either dissolve or reverse to produce new sperm. Therefore, this method of birth control is 99% effective.

The maintenance of libido and male sexual characteristics depends on the concentration of a sex hormone in the blood called testosterone. This hormone is secreted by the testes and released into the bloodstream, having nothing to do with the vas deferens. Therefore, a vasectomy does not affect sexual performance at all, men still have erections, orgasm and ejaculation during sex.

However, right after surgery, you should not have sex right away, but need to rest and recover. A month after a vasectomy, you need to have a semen analysis again to make sure there are no sperm in the semen. Only then can you be assured that the surgery is successful or not and that you don’t need to use a condom during sex. After a vasectomy, men will not become as feminine as many people fear.

A man comes to Saint Paul Hospital for consultation on male fertility. Photo: T.Loan

This procedure only requires local anesthesia, pain only a single injection of local anesthetic for the vasectomy, which takes about 30 minutes. The doctor will use a slow target to tie the 2 ends of the vas deferens and then will cut the vas deferens in between the 2 nodes just to make sure sperm is no longer moving in the vas deferens. The complication rate is less than 1% for the risk of bleeding, infection, and chronic pelvic pain.

You should not rush to remove the condom immediately after a vasectomy, but still need to use contraception during sex. After 3 months, you should go to the doctor for a sperm test and should only have sex without other methods of contraception when there is a conclusion from the doctor.

In order to have children again, men who have had a vasectomy must undergo surgery to reconnect the vas deferens. Vasectomy is not easy and doesn’t always work. Therefore, you need to consider carefully before having a vasectomy when you are sure that you do not intend to have children or you can store sperm before the procedure.

Dr. Nguyen Van Duc
Department of Urological Surgery – Andrology, Saint Paul General Hospital


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