Doctor Truong Huu Khanh: ‘Children who have Delta will be very mild if infected with Omicron’ – VnExpress Health – VnExpress

How are symptoms in children with Omicron different from Delta, doctor? My children were infected once 5 months ago, can they get it again? (Toan, 40 years old, HCMC)

The first is that until now, Omciron has different symptoms from Delta, but there are symptoms that are not necessarily Delta. In areas with a lot of Omicrons like Ho Chi Minh City today, children can get it.

Specific symptoms when infected in children, children 5-12 years old have a slightly high fever, chills, after the fever is reduced, the child can still play normally and after 48 hours, the child will recover. Children can have a very high fever up to 39 degrees, they may shiver first and then have a fever. The family needs to prepare fever medicine, thermocouple. After that, there is a lot of sweating, but then the baby will stop, just need to drink enough water. After fever, the body temperature can be very low, parents need to be vigilant. Or after that the child’s body has 38 degrees 5, then the parents just stay calm.

5 months ago can have Delta, then can re-infected with Omicron, but it will also be mild, not necessarily shortness of breath or anything, the child can cough gently. Fortunately, Omicron did not re-infect Delta. Omicron’s BA.1 strain when infected and then did not re-infected with strain BA.2.


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