Doctor of Dong Nai hospital performed endoscopic heart surgery for the first time

Doctors of Dong Nai General Hospital successfully operated on for the first time to repair mitral valve by endoscopic, less invasive method.

Doctor Vo Tuan Anh, in charge of the Department of Thoracic Surgery – Cardiology, on November 1, said that a 25-year-old male patient from Vinh Cuu district, Dong Nai province, had left chest pain and difficulty breathing when lying down. About three months ago, the patient was tired, had difficulty breathing, had to sleep with his head high, his ability to exert himself gradually decreased, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, he did not go to the doctor. Echocardiography showed severe mitral regurgitation.

Doctor Dang Ha Huu Phuoc, deputy director of the hospital, consulted with specialists and planned to repair the mitral valve for the patient. The surgery took place smoothly on October 28, with the support of Doctor Nguyen Thai An and the team from Cho Ray Hospital.

Doctors of Dong Nai General Hospital in the first endoscopic heart surgery, under the support of doctors from Cho Ray Hospital. Photo: Doctor provided.

The patient was awake, extubated 8 hours after surgery and transferred from the recovery room after two days. Currently, the patient is recovering, walking back to normal activities, echocardiography has good contraction, no regurgitation through the mitral valve.

Laparoscopic surgery is considered a revolution in heart surgery. Previously, the patient had to have an open surgery, open the chest with a long cut in the middle of the sternum. In recent years, many large hospitals have performed laparoscopic surgery, operating through 2-3 small holes in the chest wall and accessing the patient’s heart with a few centimeters incision in the right chest wall, through special tools. along with a bronchoscope with a camera.

Laparoscopic surgery has been shown to help patients recover faster, with less pain, less invasiveness, keeping the sternum healthy, less blood loss, and shorter recovery time. This technique is highly aesthetic because there is no large scar between the breasts, especially meaningful for women.

The doctor approached the patient's heart with a few centimeters incision in the right chest wall, with a bronchoscope with a camera.  Photo: Provided by the doctor.

The doctor approaches the patient’s heart with a small incision in the right chest wall, with a bronchoscope with a camera. Photo: Doctor provided.

“Few provincial hospitals can perform laparoscopic heart surgery because this is a high technique, requiring high skill level of doctors and equipment,” said Dr. Tuan Anh. Recently, the hospital has sent many doctors and nurses to study at Cho Ray Hospital, investing in endoscopy kits. This place has also deployed complex techniques such as aortic intervention, peripheral artery intervention.

Doctor Tuan Anh hopes that in the coming time, it will be regularly implemented, gradually moving towards self-reliance with high techniques. This not only helps improve the hospital’s reputation, but also saves patients from having to go far for endoscopic heart surgery.

Le Phuong