Do users have to turn on Bluetooth when opening the PC-Covid app?

This is a question many people ask when the Bluezone application constantly turns on the Bluetooth feature even though the user has turned it off.

The National Center for Technology for Covid-19 Prevention has recently put into operation the PC-Covid application. This is the national Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control application with the integration of features of old applications such as Bluezone, NCOVI and VHD.

PC-Covid was developed for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic so that Vietnam can maintain a “new normal”. The introduction of the application makes it much more convenient for people to make medical declarations, check in with QR codes as well as use covid green cards to move around without having to install too many apps like before. This is especially meaningful in the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic in many localities.

The main interface of the PC-Covid anti-epidemic application.

The main features of the PC-Covid application include: Issuing and managing personal and location QR codes; Scan QR code; Health declaration; Declare domestic movement; Reflections of the people; Vaccination information; Test information; Covid-19 information card; Close contact tracing; Movement density; Infectious tendencies; Risk map…

Overall, PC-Covid is a new version of the Bluezone application, with a combination of features from other anti-epidemic applications.

In fact, when people access PC-Covid, a message appears from the application asking people to turn on Bluetooth to identify close contacts. This is also the main feature that led to the birth of the previous Bluezone application.

Do users have to turn on Bluetooth when opening the PC-Covid app?
The Bluezone application used to maintain the feature of automatically turning on Bluetooth to ensure traceability.

One thing that makes many users wonder is whether PC-Covid has the option to turn off Bluetooth because before, turning on Bluetooth was a mandatory requirement when using Bluezone. In case the user turns off Bluetooth on the Bluezone app, the application will automatically restart this function after a while to ensure the maintenance of traceability.

According to Nguyen Tu Quang – Chief Architect of the National Center for Technology for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, the function of determining close contact is to serve the purpose of tracing people who can potentially infect Covid-19. This function will help authorities and society save time and human resources in tracing people who may be carriers of the disease, avoiding leaving patients out in the society.

This feature is inherited from Bluezone software. Therefore, like Bluezone, for the proximity detection feature to work, users need to keep the Bluetooth connection turned on.

Do users have to turn on Bluetooth when opening the PC-Covid app?
Unlike Bluezone, users can actively turn off Bluetooth when using PC-Covid.

However, when integrating the applications into one, the development team analyzed and found that in order for users not to have to worry about this, the team decided to add a function that allows turning off the operation of certain features. close contact for those who feel concerned.

Users can actively not keep Bluetooth on automatically by accessing the Settings section of the PC-Covid app, choosing to turn off the “Near contact detection” feature.

However, the National Center for Technology for Prevention of Covid-19 still encourages people to turn on Bluetooth to participate in supporting the functional forces in the fight against the epidemic, Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang shared.

Trong Dat

Why are all QR code cards on PC-Covid app blue?

Why are all QR code cards on PC-Covid app blue?

This is the question of many users when those who have had 1 vaccine, 2 doses of vaccine, even have not had any shots, all receive a green card on the PC-Covid application.


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