Dividend up at Sanofi: “The pill is really struggling to pass to employees,” reacts the CGT

“It is becoming totally unbearable”, explains a union representative, after the announcement of the French pharmaceutical giant, which has sharply increased profits for the year 2020.

“The pill is really difficult to pass among the employees, it becomes totally unbearable”, reacted Friday February 5 on franceinfo Jean-Louis Peyren, CGT coordinator at Sanofi. The pharmaceutical group has just announced a net profit of 12.3 billion euros, against 2.8 billion a year earlier, an increase of nearly 340%. The laboratory proposes an increase in the dividend for its shareholders.

An announcement that comes as the group is under fire from critics after the delay in the development of its anti-Covid vaccine and the elimination of 400 research positions in France. “No sacrifice for the shareholders, but all the sacrifices for the employees. No, stop, that’s enough”, said Jean-Louis Peyren. For Sanofi, it is the fruit of its investments in research and development in France, four billion euros over the past two years.

“This cannot go on any longer. We go straight into the wall and we go straight there walking on the head. There is a chance that we will die before we get into the wall.”

Jean-Louis Peyren

to franceinfo

“We have really come to the end of this policy and this ultra-financialized group”, continued Jean-Louis Peyren. “I think we have to come back to things that are much wiser and much more acceptable. We are talking about health, we have to put a little wisdom in this finance. Health serves finance, whereas it should be the money that serves health. We have totally reversed the norm “, he estimated.

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