Distributed campaign. Marine Le Pen on a surprise visit to the Whirlpool factory in Amiens in the in-between round of 2017

FN candidate Marine Le Pen on a surprise visit to the Whirlpool factory in Amiens, April 26, 2017 while the future president, Emmanuel Macron, is visiting the center of the city to meet employees of the factory … (DCH / AFP)

Wednesday April 26, 2017, we are three days after the first ballot. Emmanuel Macron is in the city center of Amiens where he meets the unions of the Whirlpool factory promised to be relocated to Poland. A visit away from the cameras and striking employees. What the future president does not know is that at the factory, the Front National teams are preparing a terrible blow for him: a surprise visit from Marine Le Pen.

It is Eric Richermoz, the head of the FN in the Somme, who organizes this arrival on site in the greatest secrecy. On the spot, I told no one in the confidence because it had to be absolutely confidential. “

And this little teasing has its effect. BFMTV reporter Sandra Boulanger is on site. Céline Pigalle, the editorial director of BFM recounts what is happening in Paris: We were playing the weather forecast. It was 12:53 p.m. and suddenly, the reporter called and said: Marine Le Pen is in front of me, she is approaching. She also knows that she is living an absolutely essential moment. We are in the middle of the two laps and she understood immediately. “

Obviously, that it was going to be a duel from a distance and that it was an incredibly powerful topical moment.

Céline Pigalle, Editorial Director of BFMTV

As a good strategist, Marine Le Pen takes the time to answer questions from the news channel: “I am here in my place, exactly where I should be, among the Whirlpool employees, among these employees who resist. I am not having a bite to eat with a few representatives who, in reality, do not represent themselves. ”

A tackle supported by his opponent. Marine Le Pen takes the opportunity to take a few selfies, a publicity stunt that works, remembers Céline Pigalle, from BFMTV: “At that moment, what wins out is the effect of surprise. What strikes everyone a bit is to see her appear, and through that, finally take control of the story. “

And if despite this successful streak Marine Le Pen will not beat Emmanuel Macron, for BFMTV, it’s a cardboard day: 3.6% audience share, making it the 6th national channel on April 26!

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