Disney’s Emma Stone returns to Cruella movie sequel

The news will reassure Disney, whose new strategy of simultaneous theatrical and VOD releases has been contested by another of the firm’s star actresses, Scarlett Johansson.

Emma Stone will once again play as the villain of 101 Dalmatians. As the announcement Deadline The Oscar-winning actress has signed a deal with Disney to star in the movie sequel Cruella. Due to the health crisis, the film was released both in theaters and on the Disney + streaming platform on May 26. Internationally, ticket sales have grossed more than $ 222 million (€ 188 million). To date, it is still too early to know under what conditions the second part of the adventures of the heroine with two-tone hair will come out, in theaters only, or like the first part, also on VOD?

According to Deadline Still, this agreement signed between Emma Stone and Disney will benefit both parties, especially at a time when Disney is still hesitating on the optimal model for its big releases. The news will also be reassuring about the relations that the American giant maintains with its star actors. Some observers feared that other disgruntled follow in Scarlett Johansson’s footsteps. The actress has decided to sue Disney following her decision to release the film Black Widow on its streaming platform at the same time as at the cinema. According to the actress, these two simultaneous releases constitute a breach of contract that cost her millions of dollars. The output of Black widow on the big screen had been postponed several times due to the health crisis.

Another star to say he’s happy with Disney despite the two-release strategy is “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson. The actor of Jungle Cruise relentlessly promoted the film to its more than 300 million social media subscribers. The nostalgia-tinged adventure film saw Disney sail quiet waters to the top of the North American box office for its first weekend of operation, grossing $ 34.2 million in revenue.

While Disney has not released the figures for Cruella in VOD, they must have been convincing enough for the firm to follow up the adventures of the cruel heroine. Director Craig Gillespie is also coming back, like screenwriter Tony McNamara.


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