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Discussion of Trump’s interview before the US election; TV shows abruptly quit before completion

Washington: US President Donald Trump is in the headlines once again. This time his leaving the middle interview with CBS News became a matter of discussion. On Tuesday, he was to interview journalist Leslie Staal for the ’60 Minutes’ program. In the White House, the network’s crew made full preparations with the camera. Donald Trump also indicated to answer all questions.

President Donald Trump suddenly left without completing the interview

When the interview began, Trump sat with host Leslie Staal for about 45 minutes. Meanwhile, Trump suddenly left the program and then did not return to re-shoot the TV show. Trump later shared a clip of the journalist on Twitter. In which Trump was seen wearing a mask. However, journalists were not wearing masks in the White House. In the Trump video, the journalist is accusing the journalist of not wearing masks.

“I am happy to tell you that for the sake of truth in reporting, I am thinking of posting my interview with Leslie Staal before the broadcast,” Trump said. Giving clarification, he said that every person can get a glimpse of what a fake and biased interview is.

Journalist accused of not wearing mask in White House

However, a source told CNN that he was wearing a mask from the time Leslie entered the stall white until the interview began. This video is just after the interview ends. The tweet only shows that the journalist has stood with the producer before going near his luggage to wear a mask.

According to a CNN report, presidential candidate Joe Biden and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris have also given interviews to CBS. But Trump stopped the interview before the program was completed. Earlier, he himself has made fun of the trump mask on several occasions. But this time, the journalist was accused of not wearing a mask.

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