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Discovery of 2,300 year old temple of Buddhist period in Pakistan, know everything about it

Pakistan Buddhist Period Temple: A very old temple of Buddhist period has been found in Pakistan. This temple is about 2300 years old. Pakistani officials said on Saturday that a joint excavation team of Pakistani and Italian archaeologists has discovered a 2,300-year-old Buddhist temple and some other valuable artifacts in northwestern Pakistan. The discovery made in the town of Bazira of the Buddhist period in Barikot tehsil of Swat district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is said to be the oldest temple of Buddhist period in Pakistan.

2,300 year old temple of Buddhist era discovered

Pakistani and Italian archaeologists have discovered a 2,300-year-old Buddhist temple in north-west Pakistan, besides recovering other valuable artifacts during joint excavations at a historic site. The temple discovered in Swat is older than the temple discovered in Taxila. Apart from the temple, archaeologists have succeeded in finding more than 2,700 other artifacts from the Buddhist period. These artifacts include coins, rings, utensils and the writings of Kharoshthi language of King Menander period of Greece.

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Older remains in Swat than in Taxila

The head of the Italian archaeological mission in Pakistan, Dr Luca Maria Oliveri, said the discovery of the temple from the Buddhist period proved that Swat is the site of the oldest archaeological remains compared to Taxila. Italian experts have expressed confidence about the recovery of more archaeological sites during excavations in the historic town of Bazira in Swat district. Dr. Abdus Samad, Director of the Museum and Archeology Department, said that the Bazira city of Barikot Swat is older than the remains of Taxila.

PhD students from Italian universities and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa archeology departments are engaged in excavation of these sites in Bazira city. The recent discovery of artifacts in the city of Bazira proved that Swat has been a holy place for six to seven religions.


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