Discover the trailer for My Wife’s Story, Figaro’s favorite film

CRITICAL – Ildiko Enyedi is making a film about fidelity and doubt. A masterpiece, in theaters March 16. Le Figaro offers you the trailer exclusively.

No time to waste. This ship’s captain will marry the first woman who enters the restaurant where he has lunch with a friend. Jacques is lucky: it’s Léa Seydoux. That’s good: she agrees. The sailor can’t believe it. This Lizzy is one hell of a character. Heads turn as he passes. She’s a socialite, a socialite. His smile is devastating. She dances the fox-trot like a flapping by Fitzgerald. The sailor’s heart beats all the faster. His absences are numerous. The sea is his domain. His men respect his uniform. Only he can manage to save this burning boat by pushing the throttle to the bottom towards an area of ​​rain.

Private detective

On land, things are more complicated. Lizzy doesn’t always seem to experience the same emotions as her husband. Where does this indifference come from? What do these yawns mean? It would surely be necessary to supervise this gandin which revolves around her. A sore in a tuxedo, this Dedin. He is idle, that is to say, a writer (the husband translated by “sewer rat”). His lifestyle is an enigma. You see it everywhere, at dinner parties, at masked balls.

Worry reinforces the hero in his decision. It will be her and no one else. Certainly, there is this charming blonde who falls in love with him. That’s not a reason to divorce, or even to sleep with the blushing young lady. Lizzy looks vague and bored. Because of her, he took a desk job. A weasel sells him some oil stocks. The couple settled in Hamburg. Jacques hires a private detective. The investigation came to nothing. White as snow. Yeah.

Lizzy wanders through the hallway apartment, shrouded in darkness and secrecy. You have to hear him ask if you can poison someone with nicotine. Jacques rummages in his bag, refuses to provide him with pocket money. This results in a household scene where no words are exchanged, but every object that flies across the room serves as an insult. He no longer recognizes himself. She calls him a clown. He tries to strangle her. Atmosphere.

Solid gold nostalgia

He does not move one iota. How would he guess that she stares at the ceiling when they are in bed? Ildiko Enyedi, inspired by a book by Milan Fust, has breath. She brews extreme feelings, is not afraid of romance, mixes suspicion, uncertainty, jealousy. Loyalty at all costs is a subject in itself. She raises this gentleman above himself. The years go by. There comes a day when he can’t take it anymore. The sequel will only be an immense regret, solid gold nostalgia.

Gijs Naber, look-alike of Florian Zeller, wins the votes. He hides in the shadows, throws himself off a bridge, bumps into walls – and doesn’t budge. As for Léa Seydoux, respect. In a cloche hat and little straight coat, she lights up the screen, dazzles with treachery and ambiguity. It’s a fire on its own. The film plants its competitors in the middle of a desert. He’s gone for a hundred years. He won’t get the Palme d’Or. He will have better: passionate admirers.

My Wife’s Story, drama by Ildiko Enyedi. With Léa Seydoux, Gijs Naber, Louis Garrel Duration 2h49 (released March 16, 2022)


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