Discover the trailer for La Panthère des neiges, with Sylvain Tesson and Vincent Munier

Documentary maker Marie Amiguet followed photographer Vincent Munier and writer-traveler Sylvain Tesson to Tibet, following in the footsteps of the mythical snow leopard. The film she made of it, of which Le Figaro Magazine is a partner, hits theaters on December 15th.

Two years ago, Sylvain Tesson received the Renaudot essay prize for his wonderful story The Snow Leopard (Gallimard). In this book, which enchanted more than 500,000 readers, he described his weeks on the lookout at an altitude of 5000 meters, in Tibet, by -30 °, watching for the appearance of “the Beast”, as invisible as it is mysterious. If Tesson had taken his precious notebook with him, his expedition companion, the great wildlife photographer Vincent Munier, had taken a documentary filmmaker who was neither cold in the eyes nor in the ears to bring back images of their quest: Marie Amiguet.

A film of dazzling beauty

His images are breathtaking and his film draws blissful smiles, frank laughter and tears of emotion. For more than an hour when the suspense is total (Will His Majesty deign to show himself or not?), A whole unsuspected mountain bestiary unfolds in front of his camera, in a setting of stone that is believed inanimate. Under the astonished gaze of the author of Bérézina and the spectator pass yaks that seem to have come from the comic strip Rahan, sharp foxes, hares with thick coats like a blanket, brawling marmots, playful bears, racy hawks.

Sometimes also, children appear, who come to disturb the two friends, basically very happy to be entertained in their interminable wait. Served by an inhabited music, composed by Nick Cave and his accomplice Warren Ellis (with a song whose lyrics are signed Tesson himself), making a sober use of the voice-over (formulas often taken from the book and spoken by the author), this film is an ode to nature, patience, friendship, beauty.


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