Disability: what integration into businesses?

Mathieu Judelard has succeeded in making his handicap an asset for his profession. Visually impaired from birth and a lawyer, he explains that he “hear the lies“. When he goes to court to plead, the 36-year-old lawyer is always accompanied by his guide dog. Despite the tactical signage, his guide dog is still struggling to find his way around the modern premises.”We are obviously in the right place, we just have to find the button, this is a detail that may be of interest“, jokes the lawyer. Despite his blindness, this criminal lawyer has managed to impose his style.”He has a very important physical presence through his voice, and he has a phenomenal memory.“, reports Maître Clarisse Serre, criminal lawyer.

According to him, being deprived of sight allowed him to develop a particular acuity. “We hear everything, absolutely everything, including lies, bad faith“, he affirms. Journalist Anne-Claire Le Sann was on the set at 13 Hours, Monday November 16, to discuss the issue of disability in companies.”They must employ 6% disabled workers. In total, this represents 2.7 million people recognized as disabled. But 9% of companies do not play the game and do not employ any disabled person and prefer to pay a fine“, reports the journalist.

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