Director of Western Digital Vietnam: ‘Digital transformation requires clear goals’

Businesses or localities need to have specific goals before embarking on digital transformation to avoid wasting resources and effectively use the budget.

In the context of digital transformation being strongly promoted in Vietnam, Mr. Truong Ba Toan – Managing Director of Western Digital Vietnam – said that this process needs to be done step by step, targeting specific areas. priority area.

Digital transformation helps increase safety for tourist cities

Mr. Truong Ba Toan said that the tourism potential in Vietnam is huge, especially in the context that the Government is gradually reopening international flights to welcome global tourists. According to Mr. Toan, one of the important factors to help attract tourists is the safety of the destination. Hoi An, Da Nang, Vung Tau, Nha Trang … will become more tourist attractions if tourists trust the local security and order situation.

“I have had many occasions to go to Korea and feel safe here, especially on subway trains. If passengers forget any property on the train, it will be very rare to lose it, most can be found in the lost item area, “said Toan.

In order to bring a sense of security in a locality, in addition to raising people’s awareness, a representative of Western Digital said that the government needs to increase smart security monitoring measures. As in South Korea, Western Digital works with partners to install security cameras in subways, helping to predict pre-violent behavior.

For example, if the camera detects a group of people gathering, based on behavior analysis, the camera will issue an alert so that the authorities can prevent violent actions early.

Thanks to smart cameras, combined with storage devices that can process extremely large amounts of data, and quickly access them in near real time, surveillance solutions will help metro areas or any public places. Which addition becomes more secure.

“I think one of the foundations of a smart city is smart surveillance cameras,” said Toan. “In Vietnam, all the elements of technology are very ripe to implement such surveillance measures,” added Toan.

Need to have a clear goal when digital transformation

Digital transformation is a very broad concept, so businesses or localities when digitizing need to have specific goals to avoid wasting resources. This is evident in the fact that many localities in Vietnam now choose a number of key areas for transformation, such as tourism, health care, and education. In the field of tourism, the locality can choose the factors of safety, convenient transportation, convenient payment,…

As for the health sector, Toan said that many hospitals and medical facilities have good infrastructure for digital transformation. However, digital transformation should not be considered as a big thing, sometimes small changes can contribute the first bricks to the whole process.

For example, quite a few hospitals in the southern region have now digitized their hospital X-ray films. Instead of providing patients with a film as before, many hospitals now choose to digitize it, storing the image in a data warehouse. This is convenient for the storage process to help diagnose later, especially when medical facilities link data with each other.

Toan quoted statistics from the Ministry of Health as saying that, if successfully converting from film to standard digital images for medical use, the hospital block could save about 50 million USD, equivalent to more than 50 million USD. 1,143 billion VND. If this transition were made further in the private clinic and service sector, this would increase these savings even further.

Even at large corporations, the transformation is also based on goals and partial implementation. For example, the Western Digital factory in Thailand chose to digitize first in the logistics segment, with the goal of saving about 100 million USD/year.

During the period when trade was suspended due to the distance, thanks to the artificial intelligence system, this factory successfully transferred the source of raw materials and goods, ensuring sufficient supply for both production and goods. sold globally. In addition to saving $100 million per year, this plant also reduces emissions by 30%, as well as increases employee productivity by 40%.

“In short, businesses or governments need to clearly define their goals from the very beginning when they want to digitize data or do digital transformation,” Mr. Toan commented.

Western Digital – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of data storage devices

No data has to be discarded

For businesses, the most valuable asset is people. This is absolutely true of all times. But in today’s digital transformation, most agree that data is a vital asset.

In the new era, businesses need to make data-driven decisions. In the past, decisions were based on the experience of the leader, but if the leader leaves or retires, the next generation will lose much of their understanding of the company, and have to build from the ground up. Therefore, if the enterprise can build a database, digitize the experience from the previous generation and build it up by the next generation, then there will be a treasure of data useful enough for anyone to succeed. run the company effectively.

Toan said, to save data storage costs, businesses can divide data into two types: cold data and hot data. Cold data is the type that needs to be stored but not quickly accessed, used daily, so it can be written on hard drives with large capacity but low access speed to optimize costs. In contrast, hot data that requires frequent use requires a storage device with faster access speed, but lower capacity.

“There is cold data that is not necessary but will be extremely useful during a certain period of decision-making. Therefore, all data needs to be stored, “said Toan. In addition, a representative of Western Digital said that compared to 5 years ago, storage costs have been reduced by about half, so it is easier for businesses to digitize data.

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