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The Government Office will actively work with the Ministry of Health to restructure processes towards reform, cutting cumbersome procedures to successfully implement the program of transforming the health sector.

Minister, Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung. Photo: VGP

Minister, Chairman of VPCP Mai Tien Dung shared with the press about the role of digital transformation, especially in the health sector in the context of the industrial revolution 4.0 as well as the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic.

In 2020, Vietnam is considered a bright spot in the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic but still ensures economic growth. Can the minister evaluate the role of digital transformation in recent years?

Minister, Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung: Over the past years, Vietnam has actively participated in the industrial revolution 4.0. Vietnam’s start-up and innovation are also very early and dynamic. The Prime Minister’s direction is that we are determined to realize the “dual” goal of both doing well the prevention and fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic, while continuing to restore, promote and develop the economy.

Vietnam is one of the few countries in the world with positive growth. Recently, at the 37th ASEAN Summit, countries and international organizations highly appreciated Vietnam’s approach, way of doing and initiative. Also here, the Prime Minister announced the establishment of the ASEAN Center for Responding to Emergency Public Health and Emerging Diseases (AC-PHEED) which is expected to be located in Vietnam, contributing to capacity building. health care, strengthening national and regional coordination and future epidemic response.

It can be said that the current context is a huge challenge. As the Prime Minister still said, it is necessary to turn challenges into opportunities, therefore, this is also an opportunity for us to promote the application of information technology (IT), digital transformation. Because this is an important solution to limit contact with people in the economy without contact, contactless transactions, epidemic prevention and socio-economic development.

Each year, we have about 130,000 newly established businesses, after the National Startup Center was established, with the direction of the Prime Minister, I believe we will soon take the lead and be successful in matters. number converter. There is a great room for growth here because we have abundant human resources, excellent technologists as well as the participation and encouragement of the international community.

In the process of building, operating and developing a National Public Service Portal to serve people and businesses, ensure connection, share data, move towards building an e-Government, the Minister assessed like that. What about the role of the health sector number transformation?

Minister, Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung: Right from the beginning of his term, the Prime Minister issued a message about his determination to build a government to create, integrate, act, and towards the people and businesses.

During the Government meetings, the Prime Minister always raised the issue of institutional building and improvement. In addition, the administrative procedure reform is the focus, through the e-Government to move towards the digital government, the digital economy, creating transparency of the Government with the people, as well as information exchange and sharing among Government agencies, among agencies in the 4-level State administrative system.

Especially, building a public service system, benefiting businesses and people, with transparency, efficiency, openness and accountability of state administrative agencies with supervision. of people and businesses.

We build e-Government, digital government towards the digital economy, digital society while there is no database of national population, land, other national databases, regulations. legal regulations are gradually improving.

However, in a short time, we have done a lot of work, that is opening and operating the National Documentation Axis, the National Reporting Information System, the Information Center, the direction Government, Prime Minister, E-cabinet system, National Public Service Portal … These are very important products, with the contribution of ministries, localities, including the medical industry. health.

The Ministry of Health is a very pioneer ministry in reforming administrative procedures, especially the issuance of Decree 15/2018 / ND-CP replacing Decree No. 38/2012 / ND-CP detailing the implementation. some articles of the Food Safety Law.

Through the collection of reflections from businesses, people can see that Decree 15 has removed difficulties for businesses when entering the market, reducing costs and time for businesses in the direction of drastically cutting procedures. administration on registration, publication, and specialized inspection of food, moving from pre-inspection to post-inspection, under which 95% of imported food shipments will not be subject to specialized inspection.

Especially in the digital transformation period, when the pandemic has had a negative impact on all countries, economies and health sectors have risen, that is, seize opportunities and apply IT, connect, digitize, and especially remote medical examination and treatment to 1,500 medical facilities.

All over the country people everywhere have the opportunity to access and use the highest quality medical services at the higher level at the grassroots level, limit referral, overload, and concentration of patients at the level. on. Even people at home can also be examined, supported by a superior doctor, and treated through smart electronic devices.

The Ministry of Health is also promoting the use of electronic medical records to replace paper medical ones at medical examination and treatment facilities and the non-cash payment at medical examination and treatment facilities on the service portal’s payment platform. national public. If you do this well, right at the medical facility, the patient does not have to bring the medical examination and treatment book as before, and the insurance policy is easy.

In the implementation of public services, the Ministry of Health has uploaded 100% of public services level 3 to its Public Service Portal, and has connected to the National Public Service Portal of 100 public services. As of November 15, 2020, there were 1,479 dossiers received, processed and synchronized to the National Public Service Portal. The Ministry of Health, together with VPCP, restructured professional processes, simplified administrative procedures to ensure publicity, transparency, simplicity and convenience for users before connecting and integrating with the Public Service Portal. nation.

Currently, the Ministry of Health has publicized all issues related to equipment prices and hereby, the Ministry of Health will publicize all service prices and call for socialization to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment of the people. . I believe that the health sector will perform the tasks assigned by the Prime Minister to the health sector, which is to be a pioneer and pioneer in the field of digital transformation.

The Government has shown a strong and decisive direction in the implementation of the National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with a vision to 2030, aiming to make Vietnam a stable and prosperous digital nation. . What are your expectations for the digital transformation of the health sector?

Minister, Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung: The National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with a vision to 2030, has been approved by the Prime Minister. Since then, each ministry, branch and locality has a specific plan. The health sector is one of the pioneers in implementing the tasks of the National Digital Transformation Program.

We expect that all contents related to the responsibility of the Ministry of Health in terms of institutions, regulations, standards, standards, and standards of the health sector will continue to be completed for reporting to the Prime Minister.

All the services that people are expecting a lot in the health sector, we need to be open and transparent, create the best service, most favorable for people to reduce travel, reduce costs without need. set.

Digitalizing health services is for people to enjoy the best benefits and services in medical examination and treatment and health care.

Recently, the VPCP signed a program to coordinate with the Ministry of Health and will actively work with the Ministry of Health to restructure the processes in the direction of reforming and eliminating cumbersome procedures; Coordinate with relevant agencies such as insurance agencies, technologists, payment agencies, and state management to ensure that all medical facilities across the country are interconnected. vertical join on a shared basis, on the basis of available data. However, this is also a new issue, we hope the response and trust of the people.

In addition to ensuring accuracy, timeliness and efficiency, the protection of personal data is also very important. Authorities will work with the Ministry of Health to well implement this.

Thank you very much, Minister!

According to the Hoang Giang (write the) –

Online monitoring and evaluation of digital transformation of ministries and provinces from 2021

Online monitoring and evaluation of digital transformation of ministries and provinces from 2021

From 2021, the Ministry of Information and Communications will use the Ministry of Information and Communications at the ministerial level to monitor and evaluate the digital transformation of state agencies. Portal will soon be launched to do this online on the Internet.


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