Digital transformation helps Walmart maintain retail leadership in North America

In early 2022, the company’s senior leaders revealed plans to hire more than 5,000 technology employees and open more technology centers in Atlanta and Toronto. This is part of a program to expand technology and thousands of related jobs across the US and Canada region.

By the end of fiscal 2021, the retailer’s global technology team has grown by 26% to 20,000 employees, and plans to continue to expand with more security and technical positions. Software developer and data researcher.

According to Walmart, the mission of this team is to improve the efficiency of company employees and personalize the experience for shoppers regardless of the online or in-person environment.

Virtual assistant crowned

The use of virtual assistants to assist workers has become a big trend recently. At Walmart, virtual assistants make scheduling and execution more flexible. For example, Ask Sam – the virtual assistant technology being used at the company, helps employees quickly find products on each shelf, and combines augmented reality to look up inventory.

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“Technology in retail is exciting because of its complex challenges and rapid pace of innovation,” said Fazal Khan, Vice President of Human Resources at Walmart Global Tech. “Here, one line of code can affect millions of lives.”

For retail businesses like Walmart, the cost of efficient sorting of items as well as the transportation distance from one department to another can save billions of dollars each year. And digital transformation becomes an effective solution.

In the near future, employees at retail stores will become more agile with smarter scheduling systems. Currently, Walmart’s employee application has allowed flexible scheduling, but has not yet supported employees to change shifts in different locations.

Meanwhile, for consumers, Walmart believes that technological advancements in stores and the data it collects will help enhance the customer experience. For example, customers can check the size of their clothes through the company’s app, with a virtual feature that allows them to choose from more than 50 models of different heights, body shapes and skin tones.

Not only that, the data collected will help retailers better target customers such as health care and financial services offerings, said Joe Feldman, senior managing director at brokerage firm Telsey Advisory Group speak. The general idea is to create an ecosystem for customers and fulfill their needs at any location.

Customer data gold mine

Walmart’s information, organization and handling of the data it collects is just as important as technology priorities like cybersecurity and software design. Not only does data help businesses operate more efficiently, but it also helps the company’s online marketplace partners and sellers make better decisions, said John Forrest Ales, global communications director at Walmart Global Tech. shall.

He also believes that technologies developed at the company’s hubs will help solve supply chain problems, ensure employees stay connected and save customers time shopping.

The company also did not forget to reassure, not every technology they develop will require personal data. Walmart has a team of advisors on information security as well as advice on usage, data management and network security.

“Technology will continue to change the way we operate, but not our values. Innovation will be done ethically and responsibly,” Ales said.

Meanwhile, Feldman believes that retail giants like Walmart are “at a point where they know it’s going to be very efficient to leverage technology,” and can even make a fraction of the profits if they can. provide data to third-party clients to make better use of advertising budgets.

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