Digital transformation helps Thai Nguyen realize dreams

“Digital transformation will be the key to helping Thai Nguyen realize many dreams, one after another”, Thai Nguyen Provincial Party Secretary Nguyen Thanh Hai shared at the meeting on the afternoon of November 12 with the delegation. of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

The female Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee said that from now until the end of the year, Thai Nguyen Provincial Party Committee will issue a resolution on digital transformation.

Yen Binh IT area with a total area of ​​200ha is the strength of the province. The locality wants to “clean the nest to welcome the eagle” in the IT industry. Director of Department of Information and Communications Thai Nguyen Do Xuan Hoa wishes to introduce capable, reputable and experienced investors in the IT industry to the implementation of investment projects; assisting the province in completing legal documents, submitting to the Prime Minister for decision the establishment of Yen Binh IT Concentration Zone under the approved planning.

Secretary of the Thai Nguyen Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Thanh Hai speaking at the meeting on the afternoon of November 12 with the delegation of the Ministry of Information and Communications. Photo: Xuan Loc.

Along with that is researching, considering and promulgating specific regulations on the common use of telecommunications infrastructure (antenna columns, cable tank culverts) in industrial parks, tourist areas, new urban areas, routes. urban traffic …; pay attention to and direct telecommunications businesses to invest in developing telecommunications infrastructure to improve the quality of 3G and 4G waves and aim to develop 5G networks in the provinces; supporting the province to invest in the grassroots radio system; upgrade LGSP data sharing platform and implement digital transformation. Selecting Thai Nguyen to deploy points for digital transformation nationwide. Immediately support the implementation of digital transformation in 4 mountainous communes, with special difficulties …

Right at the meeting, many specific solutions for each local difficult problem were given. Minister Nguyen Manh Hung said that in order to solve problems to help the locality, the information and communication sector needs to proactively accept the difficulties of the province, learn the “pain” of leaders and people to use technology and communication. to handle. Doing hard things, after being noted, changes the perspective, making it easy.

Regarding the construction of Yen Binh IT Concentrated Zone with the orientation of developing Thai Nguyen into a high-tech electronics industry center of the region, not just Vietnam, Ms. To Thi Thu Huong, Deputy Director in charge of IT Department Recommendation: There are 2 forms of investor selection: assigning a unit of the province to form a public investment project or selecting an investor in the form of PPP. The IT Department will research, learn and introduce to the province major investors, supporting to complete the project of establishing an IT park.

Currently, the number of digital technology enterprises in Thai Nguyen is too small. There are only 276 enterprises / 1,000 people, the rate is only 0.22%, lower than the average of 0.62% of the country. Thai Nguyen must have 1,300 digital technology businesses to become the center of the mountainous midlands, which can support digital transformation for the surrounding provinces. Provincial leaders also need to pay attention to increase the rate of spending on IT at least 1% of the total annual budget expenditure. Currently, local IT spending is too low, less than 30 billion VND / year, reaching 0.2% of total budget expenditure. Spending on IT is much cheaper than building roads, but the effect is great.

Digital transformation helps Thai Nguyen realize dreams
The meeting between Thai Nguyen province and the Ministry of Information and Communications is online connected with districts in the province. Photo: Xuan Loc.

Director of the Telecommunications Department Hoang Minh Cuong said: Thai Nguyen has relatively good telecommunications infrastructure, fiber optic cable has connected 100% of the commune, coverage of 2G, 3G also reached 100%. However, the share of new broadcasting stations is 9% (lower than the national average of 15%). According to the Minister of Information and Communications, by 2021, the minimum rate of sharing telecommunications infrastructure in Thai Nguyen must reach 20%. By June 2021, 100% of people in Thai Nguyen have 4G to use. The province can refer to the experiences of provinces that have reached the sharing rate of up to 30%, then make a plan and assign businesses to work together. All businesses want to do this because it will save costs, but need someone from the province to take charge.

The Ministry of Information and Communications is building a program to support public-utility telecommunications in the period of 2021 – 2025. It is expected that from this source, Thai Nguyen will support fixed broadband access for poor households.

MobiFone and VinaPhone have plans to deploy 5G in Thai Nguyen. Local businesses need to coordinate businesses to remove difficulties and build infrastructure. Department of Information and Communications needs to develop a roadmap and support businesses to quickly deploy so that by 2021 Thai Nguyen will have 5G.

In order to erase the grassroots radio “white” communes and wards, the province can use the capital from the national target program on building a new countryside in the period of 2021 – 2025. Another way is to use the new generation radio. domestic manufacturing enterprises. Local authorities can invite businesses to invest, then lease back, without having to spend money raising the apparatus, warranty and maintenance. With this way, 100% of communes, wards and towns will quickly have loudspeakers and radio stations.

At the meeting, the parties also agreed to pilot the digital transformation in 2 communes La Bang in Dai Tu district, and Sang Moc commune in Vo Nhai district deployed by Bkav and Hanoi Telecom companies. The Ministry of Information and Communications has piloted digital transformation for 12 communes nationwide, some communes quickly achieve high efficiency. As a commune in Bac Kan, after applying an e-commerce platform to sell goods, the income of households from 1 to 1.2 million VND / month now increases to 3 – 3.5 million VND. 40% of households in a commune in Ninh Binh have installed a remote medical examination and treatment application, saving VND 600 million on average travel expenses per month for medical examination and treatment, and people have access to good doctors.

Digital transformation helps Thai Nguyen realize dreams
In the framework of the meeting, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Phan Tam and the Standing Vice Chairman of Thai Nguyen People’s Committee Trinh Viet Hung signed a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Information and Communications and Thai Nguyen Provincial People’s Committee on the cooperation in development of information and communication. Photo: Xuan Loc.

Director of the Department of Informatics Nguyen Huy Dung said that IOTLink wants to help Dinh Hoa district digitize 3D – 4D ATK zone. With the excitement of receiving the special “gift” from the provincial leaders, the Minister of Information and Communications suggested that the digitization of ATK should be completed before the Lunar New Year.

Director of the Press Department Nguyen Thanh Lam suggested Thai Nguyen province support the trend of shifting from allocating funds to ordering press. With the trend that mainstream information must occupy cyberspace to have tools to fight when malicious information appears, Mr. Lam suggested that the locality could assign press units as official information to be broadcast on platforms. platform, on cyberspace.

Previously, Thai Nguyen had three big dreams: Connecting traffic with the capital; Become an industrial capital; Become the historic tourist capital. Now there is a dream of becoming a model of technology application of the industrial revolution 4.0. If successful, Thai Nguyen will become a symbol of the realization of the dream.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung speaking at the meeting with Thai Nguyen province. Photo: Xuan Loc.

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung affirmed that in the field of IT and digital transformation, the followers have more chances than the first, not in sequence. The main problem lies in applying it to change the way of organizational operations, to renovate national governance. Applications are local stories

The Minister emphasized his wish that Thai Nguyen will have some new dreams in the next 5 years and will be successful, inspiring other localities.

At the online television session connecting 9 bridges of districts, cities and towns to implement digital transformation, Director of the Department of Computerization Nguyen Huy Dung shared the orientation of digital transformation in Thai Nguyen province, introduced on the “Digital Conversion Handbook”. The Ministry of Information and Communications has just issued a set of indicators to evaluate the digital transformation of ministries, branches and localities.



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